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  1. Hello all. I have a question I am hoping I could get help with. I have winterized my Class C Jayco motorhome. I pulled the house battery and brought it inside my house and put it on a battery tender. I want to be able to start my RV and run the generator throughout the winter to get the fluids running through them as I am under the impression the generator should be run every month with load to keep it in tip top shape. Do I have to reinstall the battery every time or can I run the generator without the battery on? If I can run it without, can I put a load on the generator without battery? Will the 12V items like lights run without a battery connected even though the generator is on? I am thinking I cannot and will have to reinstall the battery, but wanted to confirm.Thanks in advance for the help!James
  2. Hello. I am a new member and was wondering if there are any chapters in NJ. Looking for active chapters that get together several times throughout the year. We live in Northern NJ and would love to find other RVers in the area. Regards, James
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