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  1. Thank you every one for your input and experience with your Ford products when towing behind an RV. I realize if I had wanted to keep it simple I would of kept my wife's Saturn Vue but I didn't and I am not about to go buy a Jeep either as I have no interest in owning a jeep product. Ill get my edge set up with a charge line and should be good to go thanks again everyone. Jason
  2. Wayne. Thanks for the info very helpful I will look into maybe one of those toad chargers or like you said start the car during a stop along the way. Much appreciated Jason
  3. The wife and I just bought a 2013 Ford Edge Sport which has push button start instead of a key. My question as I have never flat towed behind my RV and the owners manuals are not always helpful. Am I able to just shut the car off after I go through the 5 min process of running the engine and placing the car in neutral and not worry about a battery drain? I know the push button start vehicles do not lock the wheels when they are off. Thanks for any info. Jason Shoemaker 2002 Fleetwood Pace Arrow
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