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  1. Deenad, I see you replaced awning material. Did you have to tension the tube and if so can you explain that process? Or anyone else for that matter. Thanks! PS. Please email me at rodbar53@yahoo.com
  2. WARNING: Waffle House is now limiting your coffee to two cups with a meal. That makes it over 70 cents a cup. Pretty cheap if ya ask me. I WILL NOT GO BACK!!!!!
  3. Herman, Part was my fault. When Sanderford gave me his response I was frustrated and didn't do any more till last fall when I wrote Sanford. He is not even the senator for my area, but was the one to commit to help. What are the tag & tax rates for Texas?
  4. Just wanted to update. I got a response from Alabama State Senator Paul Sanford today. He said he had reviewed the fee data from the Alabama Revenue Dept and he agreed the rates were too high. I left him a copy of my Tag & Tax Receipt per his request and he is going to work for some change. I ask all Alabama residents to write or email your legislators to support this effort. I reviewed the Tennessee fees and their tag totals ran from $25 to a little less than $102 a year. I got a response from Legislator Howard Sanserford earlier after much delay and sarcasm, which he basically said there was no point in trying to change things like that in fought budget times. I guess that is probably a typical response from a politician, especially these days. Senator Sanford was very graceful with his response and said basically he was there to serve. What a refreshing attitude for a public office holder these days. My hat's off to him!!!!
  5. I have had nothing but praise for my Traveler. If you aren't dead sure you will use the antenna in motion, there is no real need for an automatic. The Traveler is so easy to use it can't get much better.
  6. I have yet to buy a Garmin unit I was dissappointed with as with the 7710. It was a bad decision to release the unit without detailed data and support in place.
  7. Have you seen what is available with the 7710?? About a week ago, their website is STILL not supporting the 7710.
  8. I just received one thru Camping World. I'd advise you to STAY AWAY from them at least for a while. It appears this unit was a "hurry up and get it out the door" situation, andf all the development and product support was not in place when they started shipping them.
  9. I need a little help here with 12V power. I lost power to my A/C and it shut down. I went to the front fuse box and found that the 15 AMP fuse marked "Furnace/AC condenser" was blown. I replaced it and nothing. I started checking voltages in the box and the left bank of fuses (which the earlier mentioned fuse is in) was dead. Power comes in to the right side of the silver component in the bottom of the box and the feed to the right bank comes off of that same post. The feed to the left side comes from the adjacent post and had no power. What is that component, what does it do, and from what I explained, do I need to change it and where do I get one? Thanks for your help in advance. Rodney
  10. Barnero

    My Coach

  11. Does anyone have any recommendations for learning sources about the typical motorcoach electrical systems, mainly how the components of the AC/DC systems interact and function? I have a 1999 Odessa Industries Overland Loredo coach with an added bank of 4-6V batteries for a total of 8 and three soalr panels and it looks like the coach came with very limited documentation and none on the add ons. If there are any Odessa Overland owners that have and would share any documentation you have on the electrical systems that would sure be appreciated. Thanks for your inputs! Rodney Barnett
  12. I'll tell ya folks, we are really hurting for a customer orinted satellite tv service in this country. I have been really amazed how dumb or maybe sneeky, but definitely stubborn both companies are to deal with. Directv has a deal to just pay an additional $5 for RV coverage if you have their service in your home. I made the mistake of connecting my RV first and about a year later tried to get the home installed and do the $5 additional for the RV. They were most happy to help but since I was already a customer they would not give me the promotional rates so if I accepted their offer I'd have ended up paying about $20 more than expected and saving hardly anything for switching. Of course part of the savings erosion was Comcast increasing their in home cable internet service if I terminated my cable tv with them. I got frustrated and just told them to cancel my RV coverage and figured I'd maybe go back later and do the home first. When they started that process they insisted they had shipped me a receiver when I connected and requested I return it. Said they had records of the order. I told them their employee must have stolen that receiver because I had purchased mine with my RV. They told me at first you couldn't buy them so I asked if they had ever heard of EBAY?????????????????? Of course their are dealers too that sell the receivers as well locally. I am not sure I have ever had a good experience when calling either one of these services. Looks like to me with alot of the campgrounds providing service and digital free air service better now it may be best to stick with those. As far as setup of service at a site, Directv was a little easier to me, but if Dish could out their difficult customer service mindset I'd gladly go with them because it wasn't THAT much harder to set up the Dish system. Definitely easier though with the signal meter. Good luck!!!!
  13. Today I wrote both of my state representatives and the governor about what I feel are unreasonable tag taxes and fees in Alabama. I would encourage anybody who buys tags in Alabama to do the same. Not sure how they compare with other states, but they are unreasonable, in my opinion. Below is what I sent to the state fathers: Hon. XXXX I would like to bring to your attention the unreasonable tag fees and taxes paid for motorhomes in Alabama. No need to be long winded, but get right to the point. I believe it is very unfair to charge a different issuance fee for ANY vehicle, to start with. I just bought an old motorhome and my issuance fee for the tag was $275. Why would that be different for different vehicles, especially in this case? In addition, my taxes were almost $600. I fail to understand why we are taxed the same as a commercial vehicle that is for-profit and driven most of its miles in-state. Motorhomes are usually driven most of their miles out-of-state, and travelers often park for extended periods, unless they are full-timers. This seems like a tax that is a "share the wealth" tax -- unreasonably placed on prive citizens of Alabama as if they were a business. Is there something we can do about this injustice? Thanks for your time,
  14. With all the regs (federal and state), how does one get their controlled substance refills when on the road away from home?
  15. Got my answer from an eBay listing/owner. Thanks folks!
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