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  1. We purchased a 2005 40 foot Holiday Rambler Endeavor. We are going to service the motor. What motor oil should be used on a older model? The engine has only 18500 miles on it. Runs beautifully. Cummins recommends Valvoline Premium Blue 15/40. Thanks!
  2. wryonki

    Tires for Motorhome

    Thank you so much for the info!! We are newbies to a motorhome! Always had a 5th wheel!!
  3. We are purchasing a 2005 Holiday Rambler Endeavor 40PDQ in need of tires. We are thinking of putting Michelin XZE 2+ tires on. They suppose to be the best. Any opinions on what tire to use? Want a quality tire. Looking to purchase in the Rio Grande Valley. Know anywhere you can purchase them there? Only finding them online.
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