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  1. I cannot find the "send" button to reply to a post.
  2. Sorry about that. My front axle is rated for 14200 lbs. The rt front tire is carrying 6000 lbs and the left front tire is carrying 6050. My dually axle is rated for 20000 lbs. The rt dual is carrying 11200 lbs and the left dual is carrying 11650 lbs. My tag axle is rated for 11000 lbs. The rt tab is carring 2100 lbs and the left tag is carrying 2400 lbs. My dually axle is over by 2850 lbs. The air bag system is controlled by HWH controls. The weighing was done this last July at the Good Sams Rally in Louisville, Ky by the RVSEF, the Recreation Vehicle Safty Education Foundation. I hope this helps
  3. I have had my 42' Country Coach with air bag suspension weighed. It shows that I am overweight on the rear dual axle by about 3000 lbs but have only about 5000 lbs of weight on my tags. How do I get more weight on the tags?
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