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  1. We also like staying at Creekside. http://www.creeksidervpark.com/#axzz3LKQ9rEyk. 800-498-4801.
  2. Our trailing arms were replaced during the initial recall and again in May. I noticed it before the recent replacement (our arms weren't cracked but my piece of mind improved) and thought the new arms might cure my ills but it didn't happen. I only hear the noise occasionally in the left front and don't know if it is chassis related or brake related.
  3. We have a 2005 Safari Cheetah 38PDQ diesel pusher with a CAT C7 engine. On occassion I notice a single "pop" sound that seems to come from the left front when I apply the brake "semi" hard. I notice it at slow speed in a campground or parking lot. It doesn't appear to happen when I brake normal. We are leaving next month on a 2000 mile trip and I was wondering if anyone has or had a similar problem. I'm taking it to have it serviced next week and since it only happens once in a while I wanted some opinons before talking to my mechanic. Thanks Larry
  4. I've stumbled into owning a 1997 Honda Civic (no cost to me). I'm considering using it as an optional toad. I've seen the letter about towing a Honda but no reference made as to a 1997. Has anyone toad the 1997 Civic in the past? Thanks
  5. Good morning. We are looking for recommendations around Fredericksburg, Va. We are planning a trip in the next several weeks. Our motorhome is a couple inches shy of 40 feet and has four slides. We're traveling with a border collie and may want to leave her at an area "doggie day care" for a day or two. Wi-Fi would be nice. Thanks
  6. 1- Larry 2- US Army 3- December 1966 - September 1968 4- Fort Bragg, NC; Fort Sill, OK; Fort Hood, TX; Republic Of Viet Nam September 1966 - September 1968.
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