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  1. My coach is 10 years old. It has a 4-button Duo Therm Comfort Control Center that operates the A/Cs, heat strips and furnace. If you have one of these you probably have had problems with the buttons from time to time. To change zones you have to mash down both the FAN and MODE buttons at the same time. When one or the other button stops working correctly, it can take many, many attempts to change zones. These CCCs are NO LONGER AVAILABLE. I know, I've checked everywhere. (and I work for an RV dealer during the winters). I found a fellow in Colorado who refurbishes the 4-button CCCs. He sent me a refurbished unit "on the honor system." He told me to install it. Try it. If I was satisfied I mailed back the old CCC plus an $80 check. I installed my "new" CCC on Monday. I sent him the old unit plus a check this morning. This is way cheaper than upgrading to the 5-button CCC. I don't know if I'm allowed to post the fellow's name and email address. So, if you want to contact him, email me privately at simalewrvnomads@gmail.com. Lew Mann F265302 Fulltimer - now in Gainesville, FL '98 Dutch Star DP
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