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  1. Hello Wolfe10, I will check and post answer to your question. Don
  2. Hello Herman, yes there is a relay there. but not the 6 amp. Thanks for the Help, Don
  3. Just acquired a Monaco Dynasty 34 footer in great condition. The leveling jacks do not want to deploy from up position! Motor is diesel, Workhorse base, Air brake on and pressure up, trans in neutral, ignition on, orange light on control switch stays on. Switches have been checked for power and relay to second contacts. Instruction book shows controller module with 6 amp fuse, but does not say where it is. Can jump the pump motor and it works. What am i missing? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Called Manufacturer and heard recording of them being closed and in the process of new owner. Please Help. Don Do you think i need to remove the dash assembly?
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