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  1. Hi all: My wife and I have a 2005 HR, Endeavor with a 400 Cummins. We have experienced the same problem in the first year. I stopped in a parking area and called the 1-800 number at Monaco and spoke with a technician. I explained the problem and before I finished he asked if I was driving in the rain to which I replied yes. He said not to worry and that once I would be on dry roads the sound would stop and no harm would be done to the engine. He suggested to once I have a chance or go for servicing to have the tech spray some Die-Electric Grease (now they use Lithium Grease) on the oil sensor which is located about one third up on the left side of the engine. I had this done on my next oil change at Cummins Canada and sure enough it rectified the problem. Now I have it done at every oil change or once a year. Hope this info is useful for you. Happy roads ahead. Paul & Sue (Canadian Ramblers F393962)
  2. We told her not to read and drive! Sophie, sitting at the wheel of an 2005 Endeavor, is a 15-month-old chocolate Labrador retriever. She loves to sit in the driver's seat to watch what's going on outside the motorhome, and she gets in there every chance she gets. She loves her walks and chasing around with her rope ball. We never leave home without her!
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