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  1. I don't see your point. It says that 20 members can propose an amendment to the constitution. It doesn't say that 20 people can stop the current amendment proposal. Until that amendment becomes part of the constitution, there is nothing in the constitution to propose removing. And also, in the last line you state that "it only needs 20 votes to amend. That is not true at all. It only takes 20 memberships to PROPOSE an amendment. Then the proposal would have to go through the various committees down the line and be voted on again by the same members that voted the change in in the first place. Until it is part of the constitution, you cannot propose and amendment to remove it.
  2. The Canadians handled the situation perfectly. The visitors clearly violated Canadian law. They obviously knew there were restrictions since they did declare the rifles, but they chose to not declare the handgun. Probably thought that declaring the rifles would make the border agents skip looking for any more guns. They gambled and they lost. They broke Canadian law and the Canadians acted properly as per Canadian law. Do you think that if the situation were reversed, the American Border agents would not do the same thing if someone tried to smuggle a handgun into the U.S.? I CERTAINLY HOPE THEY WOULD. I applaud the Canadians for enforcing their laws. I bet that a lot of American's reading this post will think twice before trying to sneak a handgun into Canada.
  3. I really like your idea of keeping the keys close at hand. If it turns out to be nothing, you can always say you pushed the wrong button and hit "Panic" by mistake. Thanks for the tip.
  4. That is a really good tip! Would never have thought that one up myself. Thanks.
  5. How many of those thousands would put up with having their credit card charged the day after the order and then wait weeks or longer to get their product after having their emails to customer service go unanswered? Maybe it's time for FMCA to find a 2nd vendor to supply the product. Competition is always better than a monopoly when it comes to customer service. I bet if the current vendor was in competition with another vendor for the same product his customer service would improve overnight. There have been many similar complaints on this forum about Kiley and yet it still goes on. I am sure they are very nice and well-intentioned folks, but they also know they are the only game in town.
  6. That's what we are talking about? I love that feature. I check it every time I open the forum. Just ignore it if you don't want it. What's the problem? Oh, well.
  7. I haven't even noticed any "rotation." I am not even sure what you are referring to so I guess it does not annoy me. Like MarkStella, I always start at the top of the list and go down the list to see if any have changed since I was last here. There is a date and time stamp that makes it easy to see which ones have been created and/or updated since my last visit.
  8. I have a compact size Frigidaire W/D in my condo. Don't know if it would fit in a MH or not. The space I have would not take the regular size units. I do know that the dryer is 240V, but they might make a 120V version. I am pretty sure I have seen a couple of other brands in the compact size at Lowe's. The Frigidaire units I have work just like the full size units except smaller capacity. I am single so don't have a lot of laundry. I have washed a King Size light-weight blanket in them and that worked ok. Hope this helps. Jack
  9. A few years ago, I was camping at a KOA in Colorado and saw a DP in the space next to me. I noticed that the exhaust pipe tip had some kind of device attached to it. I was a pull-behind owner at the time so didn't think too much about it, but I did asked the guy what it was for. He said something about the heat melting his rock shield so he devised this device to keep the heat away. I wasn't sure at the time what he meant by a rock shield since I didn't use anything like that on my trailer. The best I remember, it looked like a small cookie sheet turned upside down and attached to four metal legs that in turn attached to a couple of bands that went around the exhaust tip. I wish I had a pic of it or at least had a better memory of how it was attached. I would guess it was about 8-10" above the tip and the pan was installed so that the sides were pointing down. I don't know if there was any kind of insulating material attached to the underside of the pan or not. I do remember that the bands around the exhaust tip were slotted like the bands sometimes used to hold radiator hoses in place. I did not see his rock guard as it was stowed away, but he did say it was a plastic screen like material. Hope this helps. The device did appear to be homemade.
  10. There is also green Loctite that is a little easier to remove when you have to and still holds very well. There is also a purple one, but I don't know what it is for. Check the Loctite website and they have a chart of which color to use for most any application. Just don't use red for anything you might want to remove ever!
  11. I worked many years (part time) at the front desk of hotels and I am a retired programmer. The reservation software can be very complex and expensive. A large hotel or a mega chain like Holiday Inn or Marriott can afford custom software. The software for a small RV park wouldn't be as complex, but the principle operations are about the same. Plus, as you mentioned, many RV park owners and employees are not as tech savvy. For a programmer or programmer team to develop this type of software is just not cost effective. I hope that will change in the future. And not only is the initial software expensive, buy the tech support can also be too expensive. . And training of the front desk personnel and the cost of the hardware adds to the expense. Remember, a lot of RV parks are Mom & Pop operations. They just don't have the knowledge to maintain something like that so a support structure would be required. As the demand grows, software will be developed that can work for individual sites. If enough small operations buy into it, then a support structure can be created to service the reservation system, but you will still need tech savvy people at the front desk. You have to be able to update the availability of parking sites in the system to show what is available. Hotel systems do all this automatically when someone checks in or out. But those systems have a learning curve for the operators and their employees. Many RV parks are seasonal so employees don't always stay long. I could go on, but the best I can say is be patient. It will happen someday ... I hope. And remember, when this does happen, the costs will probably result in higher prices for you and me. Groan ....
  12. There are several Fords and many other makes that can be towed 4-down with an automatic transmission. The best way to determine if the manufacturer approves the car for towing is to check the owners manual and look for the "recreational towing" section. This will tell you if it can be towed 4-down and how to set the car up for towing that way. I looked in Motorhome magazine's towing guides for 2015 and it does not list the Focus. However, if you go www.remcoindustries.com and put in the description of your car on the left side of the page, it shows that the 2015 Focus is approved to be towed with an automatic transmission. I didn't look up the owner's manual, but they are usually available online. Just google the make and model and year and the words "owners manual." There are several auto transmission vehicles that are towable 4-down. Ford makes many models as does Jeep. The Honda CRV from 2014 back is towable, but NOT THE 2015. Chevy also makes several models than can be towed 4-down with automatic. There are several others manufacturers that make towable vehicles. As for towing using a dolly, again read the owner's manual. Most (but not all) FWD vehicles can be towed with a dolly. RWD and 4WD usually cannot be towed that way. Remco does make transmission lube pumps that can be added to some automatic transmission vehicles to tow it 4-down. Check Remco's website for information. If you find the car is towable, you will need to install a towbar with baseplate, a braking system (highly recommended) and provide some kind of lighting mods to provide brake lights, turn signals and tail lights on the towed vehicle. Hope this helps Jack
  13. Good point! However, I remember reading somewhere about an RVer who bought a ladder that is just long enough to lean against the outside wall just under the window. He puts it out whenever he stops for the night then puts it away the next morning. Don't remember the details but it was probably on this forum a couple of months ago or maybe the iRV2 forum. I follow both. I really like the new 2016 Dutch Stars with the rear baths. They have egress doors in the bathroom that go from floor nearly to the ceiling. Since they start at the floor, they leave a smaller drop to the ground. Also easier to jump through a doorway than a window. I know that most of the egress windows are hinged at the top and some are heavy. Several posters have suggested making a prop to hold the window open and keep it near the window in case of fire.
  14. Any chance it could turn the water pump on?
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