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  1. I would like to buy a mini cooper set up to tow. Thanks
  2. We just received our Sprint hot spot two days ago. See my smile. We are in central Florida and it works better than expected. It arrived in just a couple of days delivered to our RV park. It was charged coming out of the box and was ready to go. Our lap tops quickly found it and the pass code scrolls on the screen. It is very easy to use. It seems to hold a charge for at least 12 hours. That might depend on how much it idles. Today we tried our old RUKU streaming device. I am happy to say it works as well as if we were at home. My plan is to try this hot spot when we get home and cancel our home service. I will update you with any snags we hit on this electronic road. Pat
  3. pjhannon

    Tire Wear

    Thanks all of you for your help. I need to get it weighed so it is a logical starting point.
  4. TotalValueRV in Elkhart Indiana keeps the manuals in the coaches. They are a high volume Class A dealer. http://www.totalvaluerv.com/
  5. pjhannon

    Tire Wear

    I have a question about my new to me Class A. The outer edges of all 4 rear tires are wearing enough to lose their tread marks. The coach says to run 80lbs and these are inflated to 95lbs. What do you think? The tires say maximum pressure 125lbs. They are a low time looking matched set of Chinese tires. My gut feeling is to raise the pressure to stop the outer edge wear. However we are way over the coach placard pressure of 80 lbs. This is a new coach to us and we are figuring things out.
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