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  1. Had the same problem on a 02 Allegro Bus. Made an appt. with Tiffin in Red Bay and the problem turned out to be the high pressure line that runs from front to back. Tiffin replaced the line, took 2 techs half the day. I was billed for the labor only still about 800.00. Unit has been working great.
  2. Have them transfer the money to your account. When this is completed turn over the title, good luck!
  3. I tow a 07 Mini convertible manual trans. Have been for 3 years with no issues. I have the Blue Ox base plate and tow bar and had them install the wiring harness. Great little car to tow. I don't know about the 13 but on the 07 all you have to do is leave the key in the ignition and that unlocks the steering wheel. Just a great little car to tow and more fun to drive. It would be a good idea to check on the warranty issue though. Good luck!
  4. Sounds as though you may have a blown by-pass fuse in the inverter. You say when the generator/shore power is available you have no ac in the coach at the invert locations. There is a 1/2 amp fuse inside the inverter that bypasses the invert mode when ac is available gen/shore. If this fuse is bad the inverter will supply ac in the invert mode but will not when shore /gen is on. Good luck
  5. Try Lakeside Landing in Pell City on the Lake. Great park, clean, just a nice place. (205-525-5701)
  6. I bought and installed the system myself at a cost of aprox. $1,800.00. It would take a long time to get that back in fuel savings but with the way fuel is going up, who knows. I do love the fact that I can run the TVs and most everything in the coach and not have to run the generator.
  7. Brett's post is right on. A 1000w generator will not be enough to to maintain the inverter/charger. I have a Allegro Bus with a 7.5 gen and a 2500 inverter/charger and unless the batteries are completely charged the 1000 gen. set will stall, just too much load. I installed (2) 100 watt solar panels on the roof and problem is now solved. About all we do is tailgating and dry camping. For us solar was the answer.
  8. A couple of years ago at the 09 convention there was a map of the fairgrounds property that showed full gen. handcap,electrical etc. Just wondering if its the same set-up as 09?
  9. Anyone know if there is a parking map available for the Perry Ga. Convention?
  10. To my knowledge joining FMCA does not provide you with road coverage. You will get a monthly magazine that gives you companies that do provide this service.
  11. With the gen set off press the stop button 3 times in 5 sec. and you should get the fault code on your gen set indicator lite. First level fault codes are 1 blink (shutdown high temp) 2 blinks (shutdown due to low oil pressure) and 3 blinks (other abnormal contition). There are secondary fault codes so check your owners manual. Hope this helps.
  12. Also check the position of the thermostat on the cooling fins. The thermostat will slide up and down on the cooling fins and if everything else is working properly try sliding the thermostat up the fin to increase cooling (make it colder).
  13. Had a similar problem on a Zantrex 2500. The inverter would work in the invert mode but would not pass 110v when connected to shore power. Contacted Tiffin MH (I have 2002 Alegro Bus) and was told there is a 1/2 amp bypass fuse inside the inverter that was most likely blown. Biggest problem the inverter had to be removed to get to the fuse and sure enough that was the problem. Might be worth checking out.
  14. Possibly low voltage. Get a good volt meter and check the voltage at the control unit.
  15. Thanks Brett, All I need is a little direction and I become dangerous. I'll have the Caterpillar folks check it out at my next service date. And by the way, I should have mention it is a Cat 330, and again thanks for the help. Jimmy
  16. I have an 2002 Allegro Bus on a Freightliner chassis. Just replaced my old tires (255/80R-22.5) with (275/80R-22.5) and now my speedometer is running about 3 to 4 mph slow. It's not that big of a deal, but I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this, and if they know how to correct the problem. Would the correction be made in the Allison transmission software or on the Freightliner ECM software?
  17. Anyone know of a DTV channel that carries info. about RVs or motor coach travel in general? I think the Travel Channel had a program dedicated to RVing, but I cannot seem to find it now. Thanks in advance for your help! Jimmy
  18. Next time this happens disconnect your shore power (safety precaution) and start you generator. If the AC works properly you most likely have low voltage input from the shore power. You should always monitor your voltage in any case. Good luck!
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