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  1. Rich, I’ve done the cost analysis and at 1/2 gal of diesel/hr, it’s about a wash....but it’s very easy. The Oil change aspect of running the genny complicates the equation. Where you get your genset oil changed?
  2. I’m relatively new to the world of class A DP’s. We’ve discovered the “joy” or at least the ease of boondocking in Walmart parking lots...usually lots of space, no need to unhitch the toad. However, this means we run out generator about 10 hours per day due to AC requirements. Cummins says the oil should be changed every 150 hours for our 8 kw gen-set. So, every 10 days of boondocking deserves an oil change. Finding a Cummins or Freightliner shop every10 days ain’t easy and changing the oil myself looks to be more mess than I’m ready to deal with on the road as a full timer. Have you found easy, convenient oil change places that can handle this and who stock the filter? Jerry
  3. Thanks for the reply. Progressive makes at least 3 50A units. If you had to buy one today, which one would it be? And that Ventana? Great coach....and you can't beat Newmar's customer service.
  4. I learned today that my 2017 Newmar Ventana 4369 does not have built in electrical surge protection. With an all electric coach....could be bad news. There are a lot of surge protectors on the market. Thoughts on good ones?
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