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  1. The Midwest Coachmen and the Michigan Knights of the Highway celebrated 50 years of chapter membership in the FMCA at a joint rally in Wauseon, OH on May 14-17, 2015
  2. Has anyone driven the Skyline Drive with their motorhome? We are concerned about getting through the tunnel that is near Thornton Gap. It is listed as being 12'8'. That gives us about 5" clearance! We are considering renting a car since we do not tow. Any suggestions on campgrounds and things to do and see in the Shenandoah National Park would be appreciated as well. Thanks, Lynda 35' Tiffin Allegro
  3. Our cat, Chessie, has traveled with us since 2004. We tried to acclimate her to her new surroundings while we were parked at home. We put her box and some food and water in the coach then went out with her for a few hours while we packed and organized. We also try to do this before the first trip of each season. She stays in a collapsible canvas dog crate while we are moving. It is large enough for her to sit up and turn around in. It doubles as her bed when we are parked. My concern is that in an accident, cats tend to hide and you may not be able to retrieve them quickly if you have to leave the coach. We let her out of the carrier at rest stops for a treat and she know to use her box then too. She willingly goes right back into the carrier when we set off again. Once parked at a camp site she really enjoys sleeping in the front window so we have a padded dash cover to protect the dash area We always bring a fresh catnip mouse for her to play with. She also likes to run from one end of the coach to the other. I always carry her vaccination papers with us in the pocket of her cat carrier since you never know when a campground will ask for them. Taking a carrier is also a good idea if you ever need to seek veterinary care or have to have the coach towed. We never intentionally let her out of the coach. However, she has accidentally escaped twice while we were camped. She ran up the tire once. The other time she ran under the coach. Both times she was scared to death. For this reason we always try to confine her to her carrier if we exit the coach at rest areas. We keep a large covered litter box for her so the mess stays in the box. That has never been a problem. I hope that answers some of your questions. I think Chessie is just happy to be wherever we are.
  4. Chessie was adopted from a shelter in 2004 and has been traveling with us every since. Our Allegro is her second motor home and she has traveled with us through six states including our home state of Ohio. Bowling Green was her first national rally experience and she found the whole thing to be quite overwhelming when she accidentally escaped from the coach! She is pictured in the coach at the Bowling Green rally sitting next to her favorite magazine. When she is not reading the FMCA journal she spends her time begging for extra food and watching the events outside the coach. Chessie appeared on the FMCA website several years ago in the "Pet Spotlight" section. Her human companions are members of the Midwest Coachmen and the Great Lakes area Maestros.
  5. These photos were taken at the 50th Anniversary Celebration Rally for the Midwest Coachmen and the Michigan Knights of the Highway. The rally took place at the Fulton County Fair in Wauseon, OH May 14-17, 2015.
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