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  1. Is anyone towing the 2013 Explorer? Owners manual just says put it in neutral-nothing about key position or fuses. Any suggestions?
  2. This is not really a discussion topic but I am new to this site. Just an FYI. Two new great RV parks have opened recently at Oklahoma casinos. These could be excellent rally points. One is at Winstar Casino on I-35 just north of the Texas border. This park has the normal casino activities but it is huge, the world's third largest. It also has a golf course near the RV park. The park when fully built out will have 150 super large spaces. You can park two units on one site actually. It opened last fall. The second park is at Choctaw Casino on Highway 75 about eight miles north of the Texas border. This is the finest KOA park I have ever seen. Super facilities. Try them if you are in the area. New parks should succeed.
  3. I am planning a trip that will include going from Kingman, AZ to Las Vegas. We have a 39' RV and will be towing a vehicle. Should I go north and cross the boulder dam or go west through Laughlin to Highway 95 and head north into Las Vegas. I know there is construction near the dam and the road may be narrow.
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