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  1. My wife and I are on a 2 month trip for the first time in our 40' plus diesel pusher with toad through WY. We are attending the rally in Gillette. Today we left Cheyenne on 80 west to Rawlins (Flying J) then came back 3 miles to 287 north. 65mph 2 lane no traffic and INCREDIBLE VIEWS of snow capped mountains. The grades were no problem with our engine brake. We are overnighting in Pioneer RV PK (Lander)and the view from our front window is beyond description!!! What we came to see for sure. Tomorrow a short 130 miles to Colter Bay.
  2. Hi Jack & Diane. Wasn't there a song along those lines? :-) We're hearing about all of this cool weather in the WY area too. We will be sure to pack the warm coats. We will keep our eyes on the fuel gauges. Thank goodness for 100 gallon tanks in these areas! Nice to hear that the roads are decent in the area. Looking forward to all of the wildlife especially since buying new binoculars at Cabelas recently. We're hopeful that a lake cruise is possible (sans ice) as we've heard the cruises are beautiful. We will be at Colter Bay June 2nd - the 6th. We have the Mandalay and tow a Red Honda Element w/Gramy-G on the license plate. Our email is hsjones67@cox.net so if you are in the area on those dates look us up. Have a great trip and stay safe. Thanks for your reply.
  3. Hi Rusty & Rosemary, Nice to hear from you. We are planning on leaving CT on May 9th. We are taking 81 south through VA into TN, where we'll stop in Gatlinburg; Nashville; and Memphis for brief 2-4 days stays. From there headed to Branson for 4-5 days to take in some shows and then on thru Kansas City, MO...on thru NE and into the Cheyenne area where we'll stay for another 4-5 days before heading up into the Jackson Hole and Grand Teton area (Coulter Bay for another 4-5 days). Weather is always a concern, as we see flooding along the Mississippi over the last few days. We wish you good luck on your first long trip in your Camelot (nice coach) to the Gillette area. We have an email address of hsjones67@cox.net if you would like to communicate along the way. Maybe we'll cross paths at the rally. Safe travels to you.
  4. Thank you very much for this most helpful reply. We are really excited to get underway in about 5 weeks. Stan & Linda Jones
  5. Hello Members and friends, My wife and I will attend the Gillette Rally in June. We are travelling in through Cheyenne, WY and on to Rawlins, WY, and then hopefully the best route from there to Moran Junction/Jenny Lake area of WY. Is Rt 287 a good choice taking height (12'-9") and 60' of total length into consideration? We will be staying at Colter Lake RV Park for 5 days and then will move on into W.Yellowstone, MT. The next part of the question is the best route from W. Yellowstone , MT to Cody, WY? Is travelling through the park an exiting the eastern entrance via Rt 14/16 a good choice to handle our coach and toad? Is there a better choice in the minds of those familiar with the mountain roads? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Stan & Linda Jones S.Windsor, CT 2007 Mandalay 40G 2005 Honda Element
  6. We are traveling through PA & OH along I-80 May 31st & June 1st. We are looking for overnight parks that have are easily accessible to 40'D/P's w/toad. Prefer a place with pull thrus. The areas we are looking at would be in (PA) just west of Williamsport and in Ohio the Sandusky area. Thanks for the help. Stan & Linda Jones
  7. Ocean Lakes...for all the reasons above. Most of the new friends we've met are former Lakewood & Pirateland visitors. We go twice a year from CT for 2 mths stays in our 40' M/Home. The staff is wonderful. The paved sites are highly recommended. We just returned from O/Lakes two weeks ago. Returning in the fall. Suggestion: Most reservations require at least a years notice. Enjoy.
  8. I am wondering if anyone out there has turned back their Montana plates at renewal in favor of registering their motorhome in their state of residence. What has been your experience and, moreover, the requirements of your resident state? Since you are not buying the vehicle (you did previously) were there any type of taxes paid, and for what? With so many varying experiences found on the topic, what have those folks who have opted to go the more conventional way found? It seems very ominous to would-be Montana LLC owners going forward ... surely some have dissolved the LLCs in order to avoid being subjected to so many troublesome possibilities.
  9. Has anyone had personal experiences on interstate highway tunnels when carrying onboard propane? Have you been turned away? Can you turn off the propane and be allowed to pass through?
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