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  1. Thanks Brett. That helps a lot
  2. So how do you know if you need new shocks. 2007 monaco knight dp 40 foot. 63000 miles.
  3. Hi. Have 2007 Monaco Knight. Slider windows starting to stick. Very hard to close. Ideas on a fix? Lubrication, graphite, cleaning trac?
  4. I have a 2013 GMC Terrain. Towing with roadmaster tow bar. Is all wheel drive 4 cylinder. Same problem called The Death Wobble. Just had car checked out, front end and rear end aligned. My dealer also had never heard of this. But if you Google GMC Terrain others having problem. Roadmaster actually told me about attaching bunge cords to steering wheel to Try and prevent this. Have not tried this fix yet. Will happen when pulling out of campground and big road dip. Also just happened on i75 under road construction bumpy area.
  5. Thanks to all I will call rev but support was closed over holodays.
  6. Hello. I have 2007 Monaco Knight 40 ft. Not long ago a loud alarm came on under dash after a stop. Went off on own after 10 min. I believe it was the alarm to indicate parking brake was on and it was not. Most recently after a stop seat belt light on and I had not put belt on beeping on.. When I put belt on continued to beep and dash light flashed. When I went to set up and let out air no Low Air beep came on but light low air was on. When leaving low air light on but no beep. Upon leaving and driving no sounds and Now turn signals work but no beep sounds? Dash lights show no malfunction, gauges engine show all OK. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I have not looked for a fuse Yet. Thank you for your input.
  7. Well wow great information, again. Thank you All.
  8. Thanks very helpful info. This forum at fmca is another reason to join fmca!
  9. Great advice. In the past the service adviser has been part of the problem. Poor documenting of the service request , this occurred with Genergy RV in Wayland, Michigan where I purchased my RV . Gary Bunzer the RV DOCTOR recommend talking directly with the service tech that is going to do the service, but I have not been successful in doing this.
  10. This seminar is for beginners to part timers to full time rvers. Kevin
  11. Dakota post NO. I used them with the virtual mail service this year. It does not work well and is expensive. When I would view mail and have a piece scanned cost either $1 or 2$ plus $0.50/page. Then if chose to shred the piece I had to wait until I saw shred completed until I deleted from my mail box or it would be mailed to me on my next mail request. I called on 2 different occasions to speak with owner/ management was told he is not in office. I also noted many of the forwarded usps stickers were over the return address So i could not tell who the mail/letter was from, Not Dakotas fault but they could have removed the usps forwarding label before the scanned it into my virtual mail box. Also seemed the mail took forever to be scanned into my virtual mail box. Yes could have been a delay getting mail from the post office to Dakota post but? When I did request mail to be sent was done in a timely fashion but is was sent 2nd day usps at additional cost to me. I finally did get an email from Bill L asking my concerns which I had to express in an email. Not person to person! I will not be using Dakota post in the future.
  12. Thanks . So what is the difference of a msw - modified sine wave vs a sine wave inverter? I was also thinking in the future of replacing refrigerator with a residential refrig. .does this make a difference which type inverter I go with? Thanks for your help.
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