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  1. We boondock a lot too and we rarely see RV's WITHOUT slides. Only very small rigs and older rigs we see are slide-less. In the desert out west we see hundreds of rigs and almost all have slides.
  2. We have a 2004 40 foot Winnebago Vectra. Cummins 350 ISC. Weighs 32,000. 3 year average MPG is 7.14 All over country so varied terrain. Worst was about 6 MPG Best was about 9 MPG The MPG does not vary much from 7.14 however. I suspect the "Worst" and "Best" above was just due to under fill/overfill at fuel up time.
  3. Actually, I just tried to join but it requires a Prevost VIN to get the card. Know a way around that?
  4. We have a Winnebago. If you ever saw the old comedy Mel Brooks movie "Space Balls" you might remember that the good guys ship was an old Winnebago. Probably a chieftain. The ship was named the "Eagle 5". We adopted that name for our fulltime coach. From the movie.... And the back of our card.... Our blog: http://www.walkaboutwithwheels.blogspot.com/
  5. I just got the 3005 and direcTV and they just sent me 5 B-Band converters (don't know why they sent 5 of them). I only have 1 DVR in the coach and 1 coax comes from the wall plate to the DVR. The b-band converter is supposed to go between the incoming coax and the DVR but the converter has 1 male and 2 females. does it matter which female is connected to the DVR?
  6. Can't this year until at least November or December. Maybe we can then. We just got a 2012 Wrangler Sport on October and we are retiring in September. Have to go to Oregon in Nov. then we're heading south.
  7. We went back and forth on our choice and it seems there are several good choices. I don't think anyone would be unhappy with most of them. That said we ended up going with the Roadmaster Invisibrake. Have not used it yet, rig is still at the shop getting some mods done for our May launch into Fulltime status and our retirement in September. We have a 2004 Winnebago Vectra 40AD and a 2012 Wrangler Sport 2 door 6 speed. We got the Invisibrake system and a blue Ox towbar, the Aventa I think? We'll see if it works out for us. I think it will. If not this choice I would have gone with the SMI Air Force One. Pros and Cons seemed to kind of balance out so the choice was almost a coin flip.
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