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  1. I'm always confounded by this question. Ready Brake is really the only answer. I run a hot wire to charge the toad battery off of the 7 pin connector. everything else is mechanical, no fooling around cutting Airlines, no electrical hookups, no moving boxes around to drive your toad. . its the best. you should look into it, I mean everyone should look into it. Robbie '08 FW Providence 40X
  2. Why not do as I do (and a lot of others). Just run a wire w/a relay/circuit breaker from the coach batt, to the Edge batt. I just ran mine into the 7 pin coiled connector. No problems in 3 coaches, and two toads. Robbie
  3. FYI, you can buy a calibrated tire guage from NAPA for about 30 bucks. I never leave home w/o it! Robbie
  4. I know Monaco is different than Fleetwood. FW, ('08 Providence 40X, w/hyd Power Gear jacks) and this is right on my slide-out switch panel sez: "WARNING, engine must be running, and jacks down BEFORE extending slide-outs". As I see it, you should do as your Manf. sez. Robbie
  5. Perhaps a radiator shop that can recore truck radiators? Just a thought. Robbie
  6. 25 GALLONS of oil. What are you driving, the QEII ? As long as there is a Speedco around, I can get everything done for 160 bucks. Not even worth the time it takes to put on a set of coveralls. Oh, that includes oil analysis, too. P.S. Mine holds 24 QUARTS of oil.
  7. In My '08 FW Providence (DP), the placard, right next to the slide in/out switches, it states: "engine must be running to move the slide-outs in AND out"
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