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  1. You might try www.jaeeagle.com, they had supplied the wheel liners and nut covers on our 2001 Holiday Rambler, I do not know if they are still a supplier on the later models. Hope this might help. Happy Trails bert
  2. A writer on another forum experimented with clearcoat and a roller. It seems to me he used 1 qt of clear w/catalyst and used a paint roller on the roof, and it turned out looking pretty good on the roof. it dried slow enough to flow out pretty smooth and shiny. After application, one could lightly sand and buff if desired or leave as is. He seemed pretty satisfied with the results. Just another direction to look. Happy Trails Bert
  3. Actually, I have a 2001 Ambassador on the rr4r and it rides like the rest. It does not however have the other related suspension problems of the 2002 and up. There are several posts on this topic on the IRV2 site under both roadmaster and Monaco owners. Many are not happy at all with what they are finding out. The Neway suspension ended during the 2001 model year. That is what I have under mine, both front and back. In later 2001, they went to building there own inhouse version. This lasted into the 2005 model year and they redesigned it again and kept making it inhouse. Various years have the problem all the way up to 2008 and with the replacement arms also. 2002 - 2005 uses one method to measure ride height and 2005 up uses a different method so measure ride height and the neway uses a different method also. My understanding is that a call to Monaco Tech with your serial number is required to get the ride height information accurately. There are pictures on one of the threads on IRV2 showing the defect on a set of arms and some experiences of others. The Neway arms look like they came off a tank compared the arms built inhouse. The years that Brett Wolfe refers to are correct, those are the years of the inhouse built arms and are scattered around to different years on different models. Brett has a vast knowledge base and offers very sound and valuable advise. Best of Luck. I had Monroes on and took them off and put the Koni FSD in front. It did make it roll better on the small road cracks but there are some situations where it feels like you hit a curb head on. On a bridge transistion, either up or down, sometimes it is extremely rough. I start out in the morning usually about 3-4 lbs light on the tires and as they warm up while traveling, they began to ride rougher also. It seems to be a combination of several things on this chassis. When I replaced tires 2 years ago, I went from the g159 to the 670RV and that helped some, I also went up one size. Most days are acceptable, but there are some stretches of pavement scattered around that the rr4r does not care for at all. The other info from Brett regarding Monaco's position is pretty much correct. The Source engineering firm is the place to go for parts and it appears they are geting lots of business lately. Best of luck and happy trails Bert
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