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  1. We recently upgraded the camera system on our 2004 Monaco Dynasty. If interested click on this link to see our install procedures.
  2. Last October we ordered Automotion shades for entire coach. We elected to upgrade to the higher quality fabric. The shades arrived and we were very pleased with both the manufacture and the look of them. However after having the front windshield shade installed for a period of three or four days it started to wrinkle. Automotion decided that they would make another shade for us and indeed they did and sent it out after a period of about two weeks. I installed the new shade and once again after period of three or four days it also sagged in the middle and wrinkled terribly. Automotion told us that the wrinkling was due to the roller not being heavy enough to support the shade. They said that they would replace it but we had to change material and they would only replace the front windshield shade. We informed them that we did not want two different materials in our coach as we spent well over $3,500 to go to the upgraded material. They then decided to replace all of the nightshades in our coach with a new material. Once again we picked out an upgraded material and was assured that it would not sag or wrinkle. After about a three-week period the new shades arrived. I decided to install only the front windshield shade before going through the effort to replace all the other shades. Once again after about 3 or 4 days the front windshield shade sagged and wrinkled terribly. Needless to say we were not a very happy customer. After contacting them they decided to give us our money back on the front windshield shade. So we are now faced with a dilemma as to what to do to replace the front windshield shade. We accepted their offer but we now need to research what to do to replace the shade and somehow match existing material in the rest of the coach. If you are considering Automotion Shades be sure to check with your dealer to ensure that the material pickup will not wrinkle.
  3. Installing windshield day night shades in 2004 Monaco Dynasty. Anyone know how to remove the vinyl padding on the passenger side A Frame? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  4. Thanks all, yes there is 12 volts to the valve (solenoid looking) next to the tag down Pressure gauge, green air line in and orange aite line out. Will trace the orange to see where it goes.
  5. Thanks, Herman. Yes, I read that post but can't seem to locate the valve. I will do some checking to try to locate.
  6. Hello, We have a 2004 42' Monaco Dynasty with a tag. Recently the Tag started to not lift when I press the tag lift switch left of the drivers seat. I have verified that I have 12 v to the air valve that releases the air from the tag so it will lift. I can hear some air being release but the tag does not raise off the ground. Any ideas on what might be wrong or what to check will be greatly appreciated. Is there a way to verify that the air valve is function properly? This is separate valve from the one that adjusts the down pressure of the tag. Thanks Mike
  7. Anyone know where the fuse might be located for the Aladdin system in a 2004 Monaco Dynasty. I have contacted Monaco support and where they tell me it is, it is not there. In looking at both fuse areas, front and rear, the systems have an LED light to indicate if the fuse is good or not. ALL of these LED's indicate that all fuses are good so I am thinking there is an in-line fuse somewhere. Any ideas? Thanks in advance Mike
  8. Hi all, Any idea where to get the remote control for the power reel? Not having much luck searching for it. Thanks Mike Mulvenna
  9. The brake lights work properly on each side of the coach and on the toad when it is connected. The middle brake light on the coach however has no voltage to it when the brakes are applied. I can see the red and black wire that is supposed to supply the power but in trying to trace it i get lost as it goes into the a wiring harness. Does anyone know where I might check to see if there is a bad connection in the 2 wire that feed that middle brake light? Thanks in advance for any help anyone is able to supply. Regards from Rainy Indianapolis Mike
  10. Update on the issue.. Thanks to all for the suggestions. I could find nothing blocking the flow and even installed a new mixer valve to no avail so I ended up removing the shower and replacing the entire valve. Not an easy project but we now have proper flow of both hot and cold water. Thanks Mike
  11. Recently purchased a 2004 Monaco Dynasty with Cummins 400 ISL. For piece of mind and to have a starting point for maintenance I am in process of changing all the filters. I am at the point of replacing the Air Dryer and want to be sure I am doing it safely. I have raised the coach with the air levelers so I can get underneath it to access the filters. If I remove the air dryer/filter will the the coach remain at the height I positioned it with the air levelers? Don't want to be underneath it and have it drop on me. Thanks for any suggestions anyone is able to provide. Mike
  12. Hi, I have a 42 ft 2004 Monaco Dynasty that we recently purchased. When taking a shower we cannot get the MOEN water mixer to adjust the cold/hot water mixture. All we can get is hot water. When the shower handle is moved to the cold position we get no water at all. I have replaced the MOEN water mixer to no avail. I put an air hose on the cold water feed at the water manifold an no air is coming thru the shower feed with the mixer removed, so the line is 100% plugged. I also tried to feed a wire thru the line to no avail. Does anyone know of an access to replace the cold water line without pulling the shower? Thanks in advance for any help anyone is able to provide Mike Mulvenna
  13. Thanks You, I will check it out.
  14. Hi All, We just traded our 2001 Monaco Knight for a 2004 Monaco Dynasty Diamond 4. Got a great deal on an exceptionally clean and well maintained coach with 21,000 miles on the Cummings 400. The Dynasty has a stack able washer and vented dryer (not the combo unit) which we have not had before. The dryer runs and drys clothes just fine but it just does not seem right to me. It will run for about 1 minute or less, then stop for about 1 second or less and repeat this process until the cycle has completed. The lint screen is clean and the vent to the outside is functioning properly with no obstructions. Does anyone know if this start and stop process is normal? Thanks in advance for any answers anyone is able to provide. Mike Mulvenna
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