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  1. Is there a pump switch in your outside water compartment that may be on, if so your interior switch may counteract that.
  2. I did see the tow trucks, felt sorry for the campers. Every year they have the foot race, "Reach the Beach" race and also the bike race , lots of activity! I believe the 1st come sites are before Memorial Day and after Columbus Day. Just beautiful scenery.
  3. Just got back yesterday from Hampton State Park, site #6. Been going there for 21 years, this year was one of the best weather weeks in a long time. With the weather so good the Town was very busy. This is the best time of year there! I don't like the idea of putting the sites on a lottery system. 2020 will be sites 24-28 on the lottery system, then 2021 all the sites going that way. We've been meeting friends from all over there every year and with the lottery system it will be almost impossible for us all to get the same week.
  4. Are they the H-902 Load range H ?
  5. Here's the link your looking for. FMCA.com/rv-plates
  6. Are there any plans for a NorthEast Rally for 2019? There wasn't one in 2018. The last one was in Syracuse in 2017 at the NYS Fairgrounds, great location, full hook-ups.
  7. I've seen in the classifieds in FamilyRVing magazine people who perform the service your looking for, Oct 2018 issue. One was www.luxurycoachtransport.com . In the Feb 2017 issue under Wanted section, a retired fireman dose it also, phone # 530-321-1241. Hope this helps.
  8. Try Eagle One Nevr-Dull Yes, that's the way it's spelled. It's a wadding polish.
  9. Try www.duallyvalve.com solid one piece valve stems
  10. There is this company in Florida that does the removal. Very time consuming. On their web site they have demo videos on how to do it, check it out. www.uglyshieldremoval.com
  11. Larry, the dump switch is a momentary switch. I did not wire it, a friend of mine did. He left Springfield and went to the beach for another week. When he returns I'll get the info for you.
  12. Gayle, on the bottom of the motor is a nut. Take a cordless screw gun and you can retract the jack by that. It takes a while but it'll go up.
  13. A couple of options: 1. Winnebago makes their own plastic molded parts, you can order from them, probably big $$. 2. Dash board covers by Josie, www.coversbyjosie.com or 3. possible from a rv salvage yard, just a few suggestions.
  14. No need to remove it, just use the center receiver spot for your normal towing applications.
  15. There is a company that builds motorcycle lifts that utilize a hitch set up like you described. Try www.getoverbilt.com
  16. Take a look at www.renegaderv.com They have some pretty large towing capacity.
  17. Try www.rvshare.com maybe something in your area.
  18. jday, try this company for your compartment latches. www.motorhomelatches.com They make them with metal plungers instead of the original plastic ones.
  19. Maybe it's operator error on my part. I'm talking about the home page. I don't go to the forum section, I just select off the home page, I'm bad! Now my eyes are open and I'll go to the forum section, sorry for the confusion.
  20. I normally start at the top and just go down the list. Its no big deal, just use to the old way.
  21. Is anyone finding the rotation of the forum topics to be annoying?
  22. Try this company. Its family own and they build a solid quality product. Two of my friends have it on their 40 ft coaches and put their full HD dressers on them. They are electric . www.getoverbilt.com No problems towing a toad.
  23. Welcome, Try www.KileyMold.com they sell mounting brackets for your ladder and other brackets as well.
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