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  1. It's been a few months since my first posts - we sort of cooled off to the whole idea until after I retired. Now, 1 month retired, starting to do research again for possible first MH purchase and came across post on another site expressing satisfaction with the FRED that I believe Tiffin has. He thought the added weight in front makes it easier to control tracking especially in windy conditions. Anyone else with an opinion on the pros and cons of the front-end diesel?
  2. As I continue to research various thoughts about the wisdom of purchasing an older motor home, the fear of having a breakdown and not being able to get timely service has suddenly surfaced, as I have read of numerous bad experiences reported on various forums. Are there service arrangements that can help "guarantee" a service person in an emergency, such as AAA for autos? If so, are they worthwhile? How can you best determine the validity (honesty) and necessity of repairs, etc.? Also, what is the best way to find a reputable service center or person to perform a thorough pre-purchase inspection, especially if you are purchasing away from home? How about the pros and cons of buying from an individual versus from a dealer? Are you likely to have any better experience when a breakdown occurs far from the point of purchase? Many thanks for all the previous responses, Bill Flowers Charlotte, NC
  3. We are looking to purchase our first motorhome and have seen a limitation of 35 feet listed in publications for many national and state parks. We would prefer these types of parks to private campgrounds and would like to hear about any experiences others have had.
  4. Seajay, Thanks for your input. Since we are almost next door neighbors on two fronts (Charlotte & Linville), I'll be glad go way beyond the dime and spring for a whole cup of coffee...just name the time & place. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your bio in the "getting to know you" section of this forum, but the closest I can come to either the Navy or Marines is that I completed the Marine Corps marathon in DC a couple of years ago. My sincerest appreciation go out to all who have served! Best, Bill Flowers
  5. Thanks for the reply Brett. I guess my main concern is not knowing what things one would expect to have to replace/fix under normal conditions at 11 years. If you bought a '93 in '98, you have obviously passed the 11 year point. Do you recall what your experience was at about that point?
  6. We have an opportunity to buy a 1-owner 1998 Holiday Rambler Imperial diesel pusher, 30,000 miles, in immaculate condition with all records and maintenance, at price substantially below NADA value. We are concerned about things that may start going wrong simply because of age. I am certain that this coach has been maintained at the highest level, but any additional major expenses would put a severe crimp in our ability to enjoy and use it. As our first coach, would we be better off looking for something newer at a lower level of equipment and upgrades? Any thoughts, experiences, suggestions?
  7. We have a BMW 330i convertible that we thought would be a perfect "toad" but found out from the dealer that they can't be towed!? Anyone have any different information on how it might be possible?
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