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  1. We have used CW on a number of occasions with no problems. Most problems are getting things done quickly. They back up their work and the labor if you have a problem. However if you are 200 miles from where you had the work done and something happens your out of luck. Our travel friends would argue with me. They have had many bad experiences with CW. So you have to make a decision. Regardless if you have many repairs completed you are going to be unhappy with one sooner or later.
  2. Like many RV owners we finally had a refrigeration cooling unit failure. I decided to buy a new cooling unit with a lifetime warranty. Our price was 700.00 with shipping and a new heating element. The order was placed on September 7th. Informed the unit was in stock and would ship out immediately. Guess what? The company Arcticold of New Brunswick has kept our money, did not ship, will not respond, and has been closed down for this in the past. We have reached out to FMCA, Good Sam Troubleshooter, BBB of Canada, and the Consumer Protection Agency of Canada for help. The unit was paid for with a debit card and the money taken right away. We only want our money refunded and to notify FMCA members to be leary of dealing with this company. I should have searched out this company before hand but I did not. It was very obvious this has happened to others. The complaints are enormous.
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    Consumer Alert

    It was paid using a debit card. Not a lot they can do because money is taken right away.
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    Consumer Alert

    Merchant Alert!! Recently we experienced a failure to our cooling unit on a Norcold refrigerator. I opted to purchase a new cooling unit with a lifetime warranty. The Cooling Unit was purchased from Arcticold Refrigeration--Renaud Mills. New Brunswick E4V2X3 at a price of 700.00 delivered. It was supposed to be in stock and ship right away. MISTAKE. We have been taken for our money. Searching this companies background we find they have been shut down and seized in the past. Canadian law allowed one of the owners to reopen and they are right back at it again. We are not negative people and we only want our money returned. To date we have involved FMCA, Good Sam Trouble Shooter, Better Business Bureau of Canada, and the Consumer Protection Agency of Canada. Its been over 2 months and Arcticold will not answer emails, phone calls, or respond in any way. Since Canadian law is so lax we just wanted to warn other FMCA members and any others that may read this to not make the same mistake we did. It can cost you!!!!
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