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  1. The owners manual of the 2016 Honda HR-V says the vehicle, when equipped with manual transmission, is towable behind a motorhome. A Honda representative confirms the vehicle can be towed four wheels down. Be sure you are looking at the owners MANUAL, not the owners GUIDE; they are different publications.
  2. In 2011 the registration fee for the Perry Convention was $155 and the 30 amp electric price has stayed the same.
  3. The earliest coaches are permitted to enter the grounds is Friday, August 24, and you could spend the night in the Holding Area and parking will begin on Saturday, August 25.
  4. Hi, Tom. We are working on the registration form for the Indianapolis Family Reunion and hope to have it online around the Dec. 1. Maureen Mullarkey FMCA National Office
  5. Hi Larry. Yes, the Roadtreks will be parked at the Lake Farm Park. Yes, there is a bike path from Lake Farm Park to the Alliant Energy Center. Yes, the Holding Area will be open when you arrive on Sunday night. See you in Madison!
  6. You can attend the convention on a Daily Pass for $7 a day per person that allows you to view the exhibits only, or you can purchase a Daily Passport for $55 a day per member and this permits you to view the exhibits and attend seminars and entertainment. The Daily Pass and Daily Passport are sold at the gate only. You can also register for a Passport, which costs $145 for FMCA members (if purchased by 2/7/11) and is good for two people. Passport includes admittance to exhibits, seminars and entertainment for every day of the convention. Car parking is available for all of these passes, at no charge. Also see the Perry Frequently Asked Questions page. FMCA Convention Staff
  7. It is not necessary to arrive the night before your parking time, but if you do, the Holding Area will be open beginning Sunday, August 8, and you can park there overnight.
  8. The Parking Layout Crew works hard to keep the parking of coaches running smoothly all day and there is no way to say if one time is better than another.
  9. All parking will be on the grounds of the Deschutes County Fair & Expo Center; however, parking spaces will be determined by the type of parking you registered for and when you enter.
  10. Jacqueline, TButler answered your questions regarding seminars and entertainment, but regarding the parking of the Roadtreks: You will be able to go in and out at your convenience. To hold your spot some members at past conventions have used parking cones, a lawn chair or placed a sign saying "OCCUPIED" in their parking space. When you come back to your parking space be sure you have your parking credentials in the window. See you in Albuquerque!
  11. Tom, There will be trams running from all of the parking areas to take you to the Tram Transfer station located at the Clock Tower. From there you can walk to the exhibits, seminars and entertainment or take another tram that services all the activity centers. Maureen FMCA Staff
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