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  1. Thanks, Rich. Most hybrids have a Continuously Variable Transmission, which obviously wouldn't work, but some, like the Ford C-Max and Fusion Hybrid are flat towable. I want a car with a hatchback. If the C-Max wasn't so ugly and got better mileage, I'd consider it. I currently tow my Prius with a dolly, but it has 270K miles and I'd rather flat tow. Walt
  2. I really like the new Kia Niro hybrid. Unlike most hybrids, it doesn't have a CVT. The owner's manual says it can be towed a short distance at low speed four down. Anyone know if the restriction is due to lack of oil or some other reason? I wonder if an aftermarket oiling system would work... Walt
  3. Can't get to my convention program today on my computer or iPad today. Anyone know what's up? Walt
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