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  1. Just looked at the 2013 Explorer today. I think there was something about the key position in the owners manual. Might want to review that.
  2. We are contemplating purchasing a 2013 Taurus. Has anyone towed a Taurus, and any problems?
  3. We had a 2009 Ford Escape, loved the car, but soon found out it was not towable, even with the things Ford said had to be done. When it needed the 4th transmission, Ford agreed to buy it back. They charged us for the mileage on the car, but otherwise reimbursed us the base plate, camping costs, etc. We were down 10 days for each incident of transmission replacement. Very disappointing. We ended up buying a Sportrac, which has worked fine, but Ford discontinued it now.
  4. The dipstick adjustment on the Ford Escape DOES NOT WORK. We needed number 4 tranny put in our 2009 Ford Escape. Ford ended up repurchasing it from us. The last transmission got hot at 106 miles of towing. Ford does not have a real fix for it, other than get rid of it.
  5. For all you 2009 Ford Escape owners. The 4th transmission needed to be put in on our Escape. The last one got hot after 105 miles of towing. Anyway, we approached Ford about buying back the car, which they finally got the paperwork all done after approximately a month. Of course, they don't reimburse you for the base plate, a trailer hitch we put on so we could take our bicycles along, then they charge you mileage. They do reimburse you the sales tax. Of course, in buying another car, which we did a 4x4 Explorer Sport Trac, you then don't have a trade-in, so you get to pay the full sales tax. We really liked the car, other than it didn't do what Ford said it would do. I figured it up and out of 90 days we spent 33 days waiting for transmissions. That is enough. Heads up for anyone thinking of buying a Ford Escape to flat tow. DON'T DO IT, THEY DON'T WORK. I DON'T CARE WHAT A SALESMAN MIGHT TELL YOU. THEY DON'T HAVE A FIX FOR THEM YET. I do believe this car problem and the frustrations with the people working for Ford on the buy back has been a most stressful and frustrating experience.
  6. Yes, the tranny cooler was replaced both times. Yes, we did pull it running for about 100 miles one day to get into Rapid City in July. You just don't have any way of knowing what the car is doing, plus it does rack up miles when running and towing. We will be towing this one in a few days again. I don't have any confidence in it working for very long. It sure appears a lot of people have had problems.
  7. Our stop in Missouri entailed a delay of approximately 11 days due to the tranny being burned up, and having to be replaced, so we are currently on number 3. I drove the car and husband drove MH to Branson, but will probably tow it when we go back to Carthage in a couple weeks. We had both the service manager and their transmission mechanic tell us that the way the transmission is currently made, no way can it be flat towed and not burn up the tranny. I don't know how many times Ford will replace the tranny. We also expressed a concern with it getting hot, of the possibility of catching on fire. The fix Ford has come up with so far doesn't work. They told me we could dolly it as far as we wanted, but that was not the reason we bought the car. I talked to the Remco place when the first replacement was being made to see if they had a transmission pump developed yet and he said no that Ford said it was flat towable, so they didn't have anything going. I suggested they start on something. Not good news. AT THIS TIME I DON'T RECOMMEND PURCHASING A 2009 FORD ESCAPE FOR FLAT TOWING BEHING A MOTORHOME. IT'S BEEN A BIG HEADACHE.
  8. We have a 2009 Ford Escape, purchased May 5, 2009. First towed for approximately 300 miles, started once on the trip. Was hot, the wrench was lit on the dash, which indicates a drivetrain problem. Transmission fluid all over back of car. Would not start until jumped. Took to Performance Ford in Omaha, they did the adjusting on the fluid level and dipstick. Towed to Rapid City, second day of travel even after stopping and starting the car, was hot again on the third stop. Again took to Ford when we got back to Omaha, they did a computer check and it indicated to replace the transmission. It was replaced on July 20, 2009. We just traveled a total of 1,400 miles, when we stopped at Effingham, Il and again tranny fluid all over car, wrench was again lit up, and wouldn't start. We are in Carthage, MO and going to take to the Ford dealer here tomorrow. We stopped every hour yesterday coming back to MO and started it. I really don't think the dipstick adjustment has done the trick. We love the car, but we are fulltimers and it is our only means of transportation, so we are very much disappointed. I really think Ford has a problem. When Performance Ford worked on our car, they even had the Escape Engineer involved, and they assured us it was going to work. We have not exceeded the 65 mph speed limit. The SSM 20836 didn't take care of the problem on our Escape.
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