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  1. Spoke again to Ford. They say the test for the parking brake is to park on a flat area, put the motor home in drive and do not touch the accelerator. If it doesn't move then it performs to design. I agree with edprice, I wish I could find a published standard for the capacity of the parking brake. I do not live in a state that requires an annual safety inspection, I wonder what these states use for a standard to pass a parking brake at inspection time? At my next opportunity, I will apply the Ford test and see what happens. No matter what, chocking the rear wheels is a good safety practice.
  2. Thanks for all the input. The web links, illustrations and comments where very helpful. My motor home is new. I have put 1500 miles on it. It is an 18000 GVWR vehicle. Ford has had in their shop two times but they have not resolved the problem. They told me they replaced one of the cables and modified some of the connections. I took the wheel covers off the rear wheels and saw grease seeping out so it looks like they took the brake apart and did some servicing. They improved the “hold” but it still rolls. I use “Park” when I need to hold on a hill but I really do not like the stress on the transmission. The parking brake is activated by a foot pedal and by pushing it down as far as I can, basically standing on it, the roll slows but is not eliminated. We have owned several RVs and wanted to downsize, this rig does that but it has to be safe. Ford owns the solution; I will have to encourage them to find it.
  3. I'll check to be sure but I think Ford told me it was activated through the brake drums not the driveline.
  4. We recently purchased a 2017 Winnebago Vista LX, 27N. It is on a Ford F53 chassis. We are experiencing a problem with the parking brake. When it is fully applied, it will not keep the motorhome from drifting on a moderate incline, which is usually our driveway. We always chock the rear wheels when parked, but of course take them out when ready to depart which is how we discovered the issue. We have had it to our Ford dealer two times. The first time they ordered a new cable. The second time they pushed the parking brake pedal down as far as possible, and felt that the foot pedal travel was seriously outside of the normal range. They put in a special request to Ford to find out what might be going on but we have heard nothing back as yet. We wonder if anyone else has experienced this problem. Is there some kind of standard which dictates how well a parking brake must hold? Thank you for any input. major72
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