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  1. Thanks for all your feedback. My wiring had to be reconfigured and my satellite antenna switched from Direct to Dish. Working great now. Mama is a Happy Camper again.
  2. Kaypsmith, Thanks for the feedback. I have a cable hookup in the coach. The product I am trying to hookup is a Dish Tailgater with a Wally receiver. I hook the Tailgater into the coach and the Reciever to the tv. Something is preventing setup from finishing. BillAdams, I have to turn my OTA antenna booster off when I hook to cable. Cable comes in fine, but satellite will not connect. I have contacted a technician to come to my coach for help with this issue. I have hooked this system up every way possible with no luck. Thanks again for your assistance. I will let you know what the issue was. JL22L
  3. How do you hook up a portable Dish satellite to a 2016 Entegra Anthem ?
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