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  1. We also have a Garmin 760 and are very happy with it. That being said, we did have a trip where it tried to put us on a road which was not fit for a motorhome. Thankfully a local came by. He said his truck wouldn't even fit on the road the GPS was sending us and gave us directions to get back to a major road. Yes, I did contact Garmin and notified them of the problem. Lessons learned!! Don't trust your GPS as your only source to get you there!! We use the GPS as a guide, then check the maps (old school), Google maps, and follow the directions given on the campgrounds website. __________________ Vera & Ken 1998 Holiday Rambler Imperial
  2. used a product called Chassis Saver. You still have to wire brush and remove all loose rust. I found that Chassis Saver was easy to apply and did not need the prep coat. Since it was under the MH, I was not concerned with UV protection. __________________ Vera & Ken 1998 Holiday Rambler Imperial
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