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  1. We travel with three medium sized dogs and our one remaining cat in a 27-ft. Winnebago with two slides. Needless to say, if we didn't have niches for everything we would start to feel crowded. Unfortunately, we have to put the kitty litter box under our kitchen settee. But we use clumping cat litter, clean it daily or more often, and use a Litter Genie Plus. This item is like a Diaper Genie. It is a covered plastic 2 ft. tall tube-shaped container with a cartridge in the top that contains a continuous roll of liner material. The cartridge lasts for weeks. The best thing about Litter Genie is that it has a spring operated trap door inside. Litter goes down into the liner, trap door snaps shut, and there is no odor at all. When it is full you just extend the bag material enough to tie a knot, slice it off with the slicer incorporated into the Litter Genie, pull out new bag material, tie a knot in the bottom, and you are ready to go another week. When necessary we even add our doggy poop bags to the Litter Genie. I have a sensitive nose and was worried about litter box smell in the camper, but there is no odor at all. Maybe someday we will find a better place for the litter box, but right now everything is working fine, and we have been on the road for three months. Will use the Litter Genie at home, too, when we get back there. Litter Genie Plus is available in pet stores or on-line. I have heard that the cartridges are also available at Walmart, but that the number of linear feet of bag is less. We bought ours on-line. I can only say that I am delighted to be traveling with our 13-year old cat. He is our oldest animal and gets 5 gold stars for adjusting almost immediately to camper life and road travel. He is actually better than the dogs, though they do fine. Still have one dog who objects, after five years, whenever the sliders go in and out. Walls are just not supposed to move! Traveling with no animals is simpler, but we would not travel without ours.
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