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  1. Thanks guys my knees are still recovering
  2. I used vinyl plank cut the staples holding down the carpet installed the floor restapled the carpet and installed quarter round.
  3. Remember when you have a 50 amp service it is 50 amp 4 wire two hots one neutral and one ground it is not a 220/240 setup like your dryer or stove which is 50 amp 3 wire two hots and a ground.
  4. Just tell everyone you were in Detroit and someone shot at you with an MP5 it will make a great story. Once you fix it you will be good to go.
  5. Erniee Your work is outstanding i hope to meet you at Perry
  6. Fixed the problem kwikee and General RV said there was an in line fuse and Winnebago said there isn't, My son and i looked all over for the circuit breaker none found. tried the 10 sec reset no luck went back on line and it said to reset by removing plugs in the back of the control panel-- that worked. It seems that if the battery is dead or has been disconnected it must be reset. It is too bad the guy from General RV did not know that when he said nothing they did caused my problem. All is good now thanks for the help.
  7. i will try on sunday thank you, i reset the parking brake and transmission still nothing the guy at General rv said to look for the inline fuse i have looked under the coach and in the wireing diagrams and nothing
  8. i am sitting here at the rally at allegan and my jacks won't work i have power to the panel but the jacks will not move anyone have suggestions i am in row 11 407 we are a 2006 Winnebago sightseer 29r luckily the sight is close t level any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  9. I have a 2006 Winnebago Sightseer 29 R. I need to replace the linoleum in my unit it is cracking. Can I remove and glue down plank flooring? How do I get it under the rolled carpeting?
  10. i had a Keystone Montana 3400 rl 37 ft long i towed with a chevy 2500 i was right at her max. I would go with a 3500 dually. When i was in flordia the guy next to me had a Ford 450 Dually crew cab loaded it was a nice truck but i was afraid to ask how much. You will spend a lot of time in the truck make it comfortable. With the 5er make sure you have the auto leveling system as you get older it will make all the difference one of the reasons i went to a motorhome.
  11. I have a thetford problem sometimes when i step on the pedal to flush if i step too hard the valve will stay open if i reach in (with gloves on) and move the slide it will close. do i need to rebuild the valve or replace or adjust the cable Help my grandsons are coming and they are not old enough to understand step lightly
  12. I am looking at a tow dolly dolly. I want surge brakes or electric brakes. Recommendations?
  13. do you have to mix the bleach in water or can you pour 1 cup in the gravity feed and fill with water
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