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  1. I called HWH and they took my number, saying a technician would call me back within a week. I went over to my Winnebago, and lowered the back levelers, then I sprayed the right rear shaft with some silicon spray. I then raised them and it seemed to take a little over 2 minutes. So I lowered them again and sprayed once more, This time I activated a timer on my phone. It took 1.5 minutes for both to raise and turn out the red lights. Apparently it needed lube and some cycling after the "O" ring repair. I am also assuming the tech filled the hydraulic tank during the repair. It's looking good at this point, so I guess I'll just monitor them at this point. I do appreciate the suggestions, especially regarding spraying and cycling them a few times. Thanks everyone.
  2. The service facility claimed they wiped down the shafts and checked them for any damage and straightness (and charged $72.00 labor for that). I did not see any fittings on the cylinders, but I will look again. They have been up and down 4 times, but I could try a few more. I did try calling HWH, but did not get through to the right person. I can try that again. Winnebago told me it could be air in the line or a bad solenoid. I appreciate the input.
  3. I have a 2005 Winnebago Journey 39K, with HWH 325 series levelers. The passenger rear leveler is very slow (over 3 minutes) in retracting. I tried getting it serviced and they did find a leak at the front controller from a pinched "O" ring. After the completed repair, I tried them out and the rear leveler still was very slow in retracting. In fact the mechanic, used a board to push it up. They told me it needed new springs, but to order them from Winnebago as they would charge me twice as much. Well I ordered new springs, actually all 4 sets, since Winnebago had the wrong part # on their site. Next day they told me the right part and I ordered the rear springs. Not terribly expensive at around $35.00 per set. I installed them all myself rather than ship the front ones back. Now the 3 levelers come in in around 30-45 seconds, but the passenger rear leveler, takes about 3 minutes to retract and the light go out. I have been told it is either air in the line or a faulty/clogged solenoid. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
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