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  1. For 13 years, I successfully winterized my previous MH by blowing out the waterlines with compressed air, then pouring a small amount of RV Antifreeze into the three sinks and the shower for the traps. I also poured it into the toilet bowl. This method used just a gallon of antifreeze. My newer to me coach has a residential refrigerator with an ice maker, as well as a washing machine, that I've never had to deal with before. I've received conflicting advice how to deal with these two items: 1. One person said I shouldn't let the red pop get to the ice maker at all. His instructions are: shut off the inline valve for the waterline to the ice maker while leaving the ice maker on. He claims when it stops making ice, the line will be empty so nothing will freeze. Another person said I will need between 9 & 13 gallons of RV Antifreeze to winterize the entire system. He said to leave the ice maker on after adding the antifreeze until I see pink cubes. 2. The instructions with the washing machine says to "start a load", watch until the filling water is pink, let it run for a couple of minutes, then drain. Having never winterized appliances like these, I'm a little nervous about doing it correctly. I sure don't want busted appliances, and/or, waterlines when I pull it out of the barn in February with 20 degree, or less, temps. But, the aggravation and cost of using that much antifreeze doesn't get me excited. Any thoughts and suggestion will be greatly appreciated. Gray
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