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  1. Ant Issue

    Thanks much Herman, good to know.
  2. Ant Issue

    Thanks much.
  3. Ant Issue

    Thanks much Sir, I will give it a try.
  4. Ant Issue

    Just curious if you used any of the ant products from the web site? I believe I found the nest or home. I was repairing a ground for my lights and I saw a steady steam of ants going across the front frame cross member. It appeared they were all headed for under my chassis battery. I would have never thought to look there. Naturally I sprayed the heck out of them. I will look into purchasing one of the ant killers on the web site to make sure they are gone. Just thought I would pass this on.
  5. Hershey RV Show Test Drive

    I was curious if anyone was familiar with how you sign up to test drive an RV at the upcoming Hershey RV Show in September. I over heard people say they scheduled test drives. I currently have a gas RV and was curious how much different the Diesel Pusher is first hand. If anyone is familiar and maybe scheduled a test drive I would appreciate any feedback, thanks for your time.
  6. Ant Issue

    Thank you very much, quite an informative site, sounds just like what I need, appreciate your response.
  7. Ant Issue

    I believe I picked up some ants from a campsite we stayed at last month. I thought they were gone however it seems whenever some food items are not left in sealed container we find ants. I never had this before. What is the best effective way to get rid of them and is their a way to keep them out. I guess too because we had so much rain in the northeast they look for dry ground. I did spray ant spray several times but they are still around. I was thinking of removing everything in the storage compartments and getting some type of bomb. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks much.
  8. Flat Tow

    I have a 2014 Ford Focus that I have been towing the last 3 years with the Blue Ox Tow Bar. Works great.
  9. Best Wax/Polish and Gutter Extenders

    I use McKee's products sold by AutoGeek. I like the wash and the cleaner/wax/sealant.
  10. 6V Battery Recommendation

    Thanks much everyone, really appreciate the feedback.
  11. 6V Battery Recommendation

    Got it, thanks everyone.
  12. 6V Battery Recommendation

    Thanks much, I guess too I should ask how long do house batteries normally last assuming proper charging. I do not do dry camping as my motor home is normally plugged in at my home or at a camp site. My house batteries are really only used between locations to run the refrigerator and occasionally some lights but they seem to only last a year.
  13. 6V Battery Recommendation

    Thanks much. I'm not familiar with Crown but heard of Trojan's, I will check them out.
  14. 6V Battery Recommendation

    Hello, just curious what folks were using for house batteries? My 2015 Miramar has two 6 volt house batteries. I replaced both last year with Dura Cell Batteries from Battery Plus which were not holding a charge after last season and both are dead now. I tried charging one of them however the hydrometer shows all cells are dead. I am going to replace both but was curious what batteries folks were using that might last for several years, any recommendations, thanks much.
  15. Negative Pole Battery Disconnect

    I have towed my Focus numerous times now and yes you need to disconnect the battery negative. I have installed a battery disconnect switch so now it is just a flip of the switch. As far as the radio, my station sets remained unchanged. Just follow the directions in my owners manual it is pretty simple. Happy towing.