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  1. So anyone out there familiar with the KVH RV1 Satellite Dome? That is the one I am leaning to, I just want Direct TV to work well on my coach, I couldn't care less about HD. Thanks
  2. Bill, I am a Direct-TV customer and I am being told my multiple RV dealerships that there is no repair for the King Dome unit. We have reset it at one dealership and it worked until we moved the coach so they said same thing. As far as my SENSAR By WHINEGARD the power light on the panel comes on when I push it.
  3. Sorry, On my panel it just says KING-DOME No Number, My Motorized TV Antenna is a SENSAR By WHINEGARD
  4. Question #1: I have a 2008 Monaco Dynasty 45' Diesel Pusher. My King Dome does not track any longer. I am being told by multiple RV dealerships that it cannot be repaired and needs to be replaced. They are telling me the best replacement system out there is KVH RV1. Question #2: I am also needing to purchase something to add on to my separate TV antenna for I can pickup local channels as we are traveling from State to State. My regular mounted TV antenna use to work but no longer picks up channels. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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