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  1. Some great ideas from various members. I carry several small inexpensive plastic boxes like fishing tackle boxes also. They are very handy and easy to store. one has lots of fuses, another bulbs, and others have all of those misc. screws and fasteners that come in handy. Whenever I need a part or bulb, I always buy 2 or 3 and keep the spare for on the road. I also keep a hatchet, small shovel, and lopping shears for trimming any low hanging small branches that may scratch my unit. I keep 2 plastic tool boxes. One has the small most likely to use tools and the other has tools that are seldom needed but nice to have. I agree with the writer that suggests a handy canvas tool bag. In that I keep a bunch of handy small tools so I can work easily anywhere. I do keep a pencil type soldering iron and solder which has been handy. If you don't have something, chances are someone in a Campground does. Assorted Ty-wraps are must also. All of this stuff adds weight and space so I do try to keep things to a minimum. I like having several small containers versus a big box as they are easier to pack. Great idea for the safety vest. I will add that to my coach. I believe reflective triangles may be required by law depending on your size.
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