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  1. Thanks for the info, Christy. I will certainly look into it.
  2. I know RVing is mostly for couples, but since being widowed last year, it is a lifestyle I don't want to give up. We would sometimes spend up to 9 months on the road annually. So, I was wondering if FMCA, or others, have a chapter that singles can join? Anyone know of any?
  3. I LOVE MY CENTRAL VAC! Seriously, it is a great add-on feature. I have it in the basement about in the middle of my 39 ft. Adventurer and the hose with attachment reaches fron to back. It stores in a small box under the couch and is very easy to use. Altho instructions came with the appkiance it was beyond my ability to install, but the professionals did a great job, I highly recommend one.
  4. You don't say if the black water valve is closed or open. It must be open in order to flush as the tank is a "sealed" compartment. If it is closed try opening it and then flush.
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