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  1. My Winnebago 2015 Journey also has the Riverpark system. We had trouble with it locking up all of the time. Dealer put a new unit in and it is great! Sadly dealer was Camping World so they didn't get everything quit right. Pulled the unit out and corrected some connection. Also, the Wi-Fi dongle was defective which Riverpark sent a replacement. Would suggest you contact your dealer. I have found Riverpark tech support to be very responsive. One other thought. My unit would start doing weird things after it was on for about an hour. Because of where it is mounted it overheats. I added a 4" muffin fan and is now solid no matter how long we use it.
  2. I too use the Undertow software. The last version was 2013 made without Goodsam blessing. That version was call RV Plan'N'Go. Google search sometimes finds someone selling it for cheap. I like the fact that I can set all of my time parameters and it will show where my stops should be. Many of the CGs are still accurate. Once I have my trip laid out the way I want it I then open RV Trip Wizard and do my CG search. Really like the fact that RV Trip Wizard links directly to RV Park Reviews. Also like being able to export trip to my built-in Xite Infotainment unit which uses Rand McNally. Have found this unit to be really great. Also as a backup to the GPS system we use the Copilot app on our I-Pad or Surface-Pro. Copilot initially downloads the map database and does not use your data while traveling (GPS does not count against data). You can set Copilot for RV. Really wish Undertow would find someone to Partner with again. Other than their strange user interface, it was a great program. All of these systems work on Windows 10. No matter what planning trips takes a lot of effort which I find fun and often informative.
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