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  1. Started out to get some shocks for this coach.Would you believe a coach this new and they no longer make shocks for it?Went from 40 year old Eagle to this could almost always find parts for it really surprised to find that an 08 is so old no longer supporting parts for it!!Guess since no longer use the Workhorse chassis no parts supplied maintained for it either! Anyone know of anyone that supplies them,tried everyone we could think of Rock Auto sent us some but wrong ones instead of eye on top and bottom had bolt.No big deal will work something out but just find it irritating!Hope others have better luck with parts for there coaches.
  2. Just asking-- have this 08 Winny Sunova 26 !Would like to improve the handling.There is no sway bar at all on it! Looks like one for it would cost over $600. Ouch! What about using something like the steer Safe? Have used them back in the 80s but out of RVs for long time! It tends to wander more than I like will get it aligned when I get back home on the road at the moment! Putting on new front shocks but they were out of the rears it has 56K miles and new Michelins! Just wonder if anyone has any other thoughts!Thanks!!
  3. I have the type of system Clayl mentions in my 08 Itasca too! And as he said it still acts up. I have used one of those pressure lines thru the stool on the black tank and helped for a while. But has anyone found a product can put in to help keep the tank walls clean so it can read the level.Thought that was supposed to be the cure all for that old problem they always blamed crude on the sensors in the tank but now no internal ones and still acts up! Anyone find a product to keep the wall so clean it that is why the problem, but how does that explain the fact my fresh water one doesn't work any better either? At least the fresh tank is kind of opaque can see the level there-- wish the others were that way! Best most reliable system I have seen was on my converted bus just drilled a hole in top of tank and marked a dowel with levels then just dipsticked it always reliable!!
  4. I purchased some LEDs but do not know what color they are and do not like the light they give. I know there are several colors for these and I think heard that the warm white is the most pleasant.The ones I have work but give what I would call a cold lite. Especially want to replace the reading lites. Presently they are of the single element base-- look like a single element auto bulb but large lite .All the lites in this Itasca coach seem to be this single element type lites with just 2 of these bulbs in the central lites none are the tube types all just bulbs! Wondering what color to get and for the reading lites what power to order! Thanks
  5. Hi: Thanks for the reply! Actually solved the problem!! Deep in the tank there is a check valve that was sticking! Had to pull the tank then get fuel pump out and actually cut this valve out of the tank-- quite a job and riduculous for it to be there!! No more fuelling problem! Don't know what they were thinking-- this thing was about a foot into the tank!! There is no way to disable the thing either!! Someone had already removed the one in the filler pipe but it also had this one too! Anyway so far no further fueling problems Thanks for the reply!!!
  6. My 93 LD refuses to take fuel the pump nozzle shuts off instantly!! FIll etc hoses are OK but, In probing with a wire in fill opening find that there seems to be a metal blockage?? about 6" into the fill line in tank! Due to position of opening can't see in! Initially I was able to get it to take fuel by removing a small vacuum line? that went to the 2 canisters along the front frame. This worked for about 3K miles then wondered if that is some sort of check valve in entrance to the tank which is shutting off the fuel access to tank! Seems only way to get to it would be to remove the tank and maybe get access thru the fuel pump opening? Talked to several shops out here but no one seems to have any idea of fix! WIth all the F350s out there someone else must have had this problem. Incidentally this is Lazy Daze with the single 54 gal tank! Sure would appreciate any help you could suggest!!!!Thanks
  7. Hi;May not be much help but there is a little gadget has 2 connecters that you remove the fuse and just plug them in place of the fuse.THis has about 8" of wire and a normal fuse plug on it!Now the fuse just hangs out of the plate that covers the fuse box!Very easy to change now!Problem I don't know where he got it!At least it is out there and greatly simplifies the fuse removal bit.I would try electronics place or Auto parts store.Fellow that did it works lot on RVs so was from some of that work he had done!
  8. Thanks Brett:According to the manual there is only the 460 avaiable on this chassis!Could be that the engine was changed!They said that they are considerably different.This is a speed shop not an RV dealer who works with these engine all the time!All manual info states there was no 400 on these chassis!Thanks for the reply!!
  9. Hi;Recently purchases a 1987 Georgie Boy with a 400 Ford.NOw the manual says it has a 460 but dealer that recently worked on it says no way it is a 400 so assume he know one from the other!Anyway it has a sticker on the bumper Gibson Equiped.Onlt thing I can see is that it has a nice set of headers to one large muffler and exhaust pipe.Had hoped for better milage as is only a 24'but at 55 in cruise on level Az roads only gets 7MPG.Wonder what the Gibson is or maybe it is only a manifold?Anyone have any experience with it?Thanks!
  10. moodier

    Front End Diesel

    Hi;Laughed talking to fellow with an Allegro Front Diesel.Said he really liked it never had to talk to or hear from his wife for the whole trip.Actually Allegro sure seem tohear very little bad about them in contrast tomany of the othere mfgs.
  11. HII havehad many MH over the years and the worst ones have ever owned were purchased new.The last being a 92 Gulfstream diesel!Then bought a used Holiday Rambler which loved,The first year the 92 broke down every trip out second year only everyother trip.There was no third year!!Now drive a 65 Eagle which has providedmany wonderful years and many breakdowns too but just get it fixed and go on.Don't have the same expectations as would for a unit I bought new!Yes have paid $10K to replace the engine and several sets of tires at $400@etc.These are the costs of driving an oldder bus but if you can except them they can be great rigs!They can be purchased quite reasonably especially now with fuel costs etc.SHould have good inspection on one for your peace of mind!Good Luck!!!
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