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  1. Thanks, Carl. I thought I was set up for an email alert when someone replied, so I missed your message until now. I'll drop BillAdam a note.
  2. I'm a new member and this is my first post, so please let me know if this belongs in a different category on the forum. I recently acquired a 1984 Liberty Coach Prevost conversion that immediately gave me some big problems. At a minimum, I am looking at a rebuilt transmission. The shifter may also be bad, but they can't tell without first replacing the transmission. A new shifter would involve running a cable along a difficult path with very poor access, because the current shifter isn't mechanical and parts are scarce. A power steering hose also blew, and that repair would involve running a new hose the length of the chassis with similar difficulty. The shop is reluctant to even guess at the cost of these repairs without first digging in. They are also having trouble finding a replacement air bag for the tag axle. Aside from those roadworthiness issues, the OTR air is also in need of attention, and the paint is in poor condition. These were known issues. I live and travel full-time in a travel trailer that suits me well, so I had really only planned on having an adventure or two in this coach before I sold it. This is obviously the low end of the market (both in price and volume of sales), so it's difficult to guess at the value of this coach in working condition. I suspect that putting $15,000 to $20,000 into it will be throwing good money after bad. Frankly, there are enough unknown potential costs that I am considering selling the coach as-is, where-is. I'm definitely in over my head here. Is there anyone I can retain to advise me on this? I'm not emotionally attached, so I'm just looking for the smart solution from a financial standpoint. Fix and sell, or sell as-is or for salvage. The coach is in Greensboro, NC. Recommendations on potential salvage buyers would also be most welcome. Thank you. Chad Speer
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