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  1. I just left an RV repair shop and was quoted $6,500 for Roadmaster and install. San Jose, Califoria.
  2. 3Karsty, I agree with you totally about the tire setup. I bought mine in California December 2015. I was cautioned by another blog host here to examine the DOT to determine the true age of my tires. I bought a truck type air gage and guess what, one of my tires inside and outside were pointed at each other. The size of the outside tires fill valve is a totally different size. Three gages I have and none will fit those tires. Maybe they came from Germany???. I am going to visit the dealer and ask about it. I bought an extension for the inside tires and the box they came in stated do not install on rubber valve stems. I examined the inside tire stems and of course the first two inches are rubber then steel but not long enough for me to install TPMS which also states "do not install on rubber..." After reading posts here and elsewhere I do not feel comfortable traveling the breadth of this country without monitoring the differential between inside and outside tires. Keep posting we love to hear your experiences. RoverTom3 2015 Itasca Reyo 25P
  3. I have the Sprinter and I bought 4 scissor jacks, (am still trying to find out who/what LTV or HWH is and what they offer). I have not installed them at this time, glad to find out about Mercedes Benz policy concerning frame modification voiding warranty. Trying to figure out a "clamp on" configuration (welding ground clamps?). According to my wife the Sprinter really needs stabilization and the ~$5,500 stabilization package with torsion bars and bags may be the solution in the long run but $300 worth of scissor jacks is my solution for now. I am searching for forged clamps to attach them so I can get on the road. Frustrated with the plastic shims, they work and it is a good system but clean up and valuable storage space is my issue. Scissors jacks, for now store in valuable locker space, I will drag them out one at a time as needed. Will travel with coveralls and knee pads and determine the best frame locations/orientation for the jacks on a trial and error basis. Issues with propane have kept me at home for the last 8 months "in-and-out" at dealership, trial runs with failure etc. Cannot keep the Onan running for more than 10 hours. Definitely plan on being on the road this winter. So far my planned upgrades at Advanced RV is looking to top $14,000, Will start that process next spring. Winnebego Itasca Reyo 25P 2015 (Chassis 2014)
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