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  1. I had on my 2015 Thor Four Winds 31w break, locking us out. The latch broke inside unit, and had to pry my way into unit (one of the very few times I did not have cab key with me: now have keys stored hidden area). Seems Thor uses a TriMark lock, so it not easy to get a better lock or one with a fob.
  2. miairhead


    Anyone ever install AirTabs? Just wondering if they really work? Not or gas mileage, but stability. I like to have the RV a little more stable when passed by trucks and in very strong wind. http://airtab.com/application-rv.htm
  3. Where does someone get their RV propane tank checked? Mine is a 2009 Coachmen and tank is 2008. The valve is leaking, and the dealer doing some other work has quoted me for a new tank. Of course it does not need a new tank because the valve is leaking. I have unit in Columbus, OH area and need to get valve fixed. I am wondering where to get the tank certified as it will soon be 10 years old. I know you can get a 5 year certification, just not sure where to get this done.
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