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  1. We are the newly proud owners of a 2004 Winnebago Journey, after trading up from a Fleetwood Bounder. We love this coach and worked on it to get it ready for the maiden voyage in November. We set out on a month long tour thinking the fold out sofa was OK, and invited my wife's cousin and wife to join us. We apparently it was replaced with a conventional fold out that did not fold out all the way so, he slept on the floor and she slept on the dinette twin bed. We made the best of it, but now we need to replace the sofa, hopefully with the original Rest Easy electric that the Journey came with. According to Winnebago Parts it's the model #145668-01-R70. Open for suggestions or if anyone has one and wants to get rid of it, please email me at ke4jr@outlook.com.
  2. Copied, pasted, printed and planning, Thank you. I have found a new pastime here, love reading everyone's posts!
  3. From Tampa to Disney traffic is busiest during rush hours, other than that is OK. No construction going on now.
  4. Thank you, I copied and pasted on Words so I can plan this out.
  5. We are in Oldsmar, FL, next to Tampa. The problem we are having is our toad, it's in the body shop and our departure depends when we get it back. We had originally planned an August departure, the first stop a Jeep event in Jasper, GA but our Jeep got hit the week before departure. Do-Do Occurs! We had our trip planned out but now we are having to change to avoid weather problems, you know us Florida RV'ers avoid snow at all cost!
  6. Thank you, this is exactly what I'm looking for from experienced folks like you, places to visit! We've been all over the Blue Ridge parkway from Gatlinburg to Blowing Rock. But definitely going to Rock City and Tannehill Ironworks, thank for helping me plan this trip!
  7. Thank you Blake, that's what I needed to hear and recommendations such as yours to re-route the trip with southern spots as you recommended. I hope folks keep sending me suggestions and stop recomendations for a more westernly trip, we have 3 to 4 weeks to enjoy, so keep them coming. We love nature, scenery, historical spots!
  8. Asking for advice and recommendations from those with lot's more experience. We've had a gas coach (40' Bounder) for many years and ventured out as far as Niagara Falls 13 years ago. Now we traded up to a diesel pusher (34' Winnebago Journey) so we can tow our Jeep Wrangler. We've been planning this "maiden voyage" trip for a while but circumstances have delayed our departure a couple of times. Thinking for sure this time we'll head out late Oct. early Nov. I've marked several possible overnight campgrounds along the way, not sure how safe is to rest overnight at a Walmart or truck stops, never done that. Any thoughts as to the weather, is it too late to head north for this three maybe four week trip and then return home to Florida, or should we chart a more westerly course?
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