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  1. Ok, picture this. You're in a courtroom being sued because you rear ended someone. Their lawyer asks if you have a brake system installed. Your answer is no. End of case!
  2. Thanks Bill but I have the Unified Tow Brake system from US Gear. Can't get much better than that.
  3. Well, I bought one. Since it seems like I'm the only one who has taken that leap, I'll update this post after I've pulled it for a while. It's close to the hitch weight of the rig but as far as I'm concerned that should be no big deal. I'm not concerned about the gas milage while towing. My M/H with the Banks System and Ultra Chip has plenty of power.
  4. hi bruce, that windshield screen looks great. like something an ole armory man would have on his coach.

  5. It's a 2008 38' Winni Voyage on a Workhorse with a 8.1 engine and a 6 speed Allison tranny so I'm not the least bit concerned about the things you mentioned. Also it has the Roadmaster All Terrain towbar that's rated at 8k lbs if I remember right. I do appreciate the input
  6. I posted a query on iRV2 and had only 2 responses. I assume that no one has one as a Toad. My concern is the weight. My Subaru Baja is about 2K lbs less than the Jeep. I have a Workhorse with the Banks System and Ultr-Chip. I don't want to overwhelm it and drop the gas milage by purchasing a heavy vehicle. -------------------- Bruce
  7. finhawk

    My Rig

    My new Sunshade----Spearhead!
  8. Well, ya got me beat, my friend. What branch?
  9. Hey GM, I realize that . I spent 22 years defending his right to say whatever he wants. That enough said comment was for me. I was tired of talking about that subject because the guy couldn't/wouldn't get what I was saying. So I gave up on him. sorry I gave you the wrong idea
  10. MWR is a self sustaining organization. The money earned by the activites are what supports them. No tax money is used.Next you'll ask what MWR stands for. And don't forget, we pay taxes just like you do. And now, Enough SAID! As you indicated, you did NOT serve!
  11. Thanks Wayne. I agree. It seems as tho no one can voice their opinion without someone getting excited and ticked off. Look what happened in the iRV2 forum. And I thought this one was for Vet's but I guess I was mistaken. Are you at Nellis?
  12. I really have never met anyone who feels that just because they are or were in the Military that they should be given a free ride.I spent 22 years in the Army. More time that I care to remember during the Cold War on the Border in Germany-------a year in combat in Nam, and the training and time spent away from my family. Anyone who hasn't served has no idea what we in the Armed Forces go thru. It's kinda like a blank check made out to Uncle Sam for everything up to and including our lives. So in a nutshell, we have earned what we have. It has not been given to us. As far as your comment about the country being broke, I voted! Did you?
  13. My response to that is that this is a Military installation and the is an activity that is provided for eligible personnel, be they active duty or retired military. For retirees, it is one of the benifits that We have earned. As far as inflation, again this is a military installation------so that's not even an issue. My next question is, are you elgible to use military campgrounds and, if so, how many have you visited?
  14. They've done it again. For the past 3 years, the rate has been increased by a dollar a day. But this year there is a new twist. In the past, a club member would receive a 10% discount, this year it was cut to 5%. There has been no change in services or improvements to the campground. So now we're at $21 dollars a day minus 5%. If history is any indication, we'll just be paying more for and receiving the same thing. It seems like the same old MWR ploy of taking a money making facility and bleeding it to support those that are in the hole. I'm sure that some one will say, "If ya don't like it, stay away." That's an outstanding idea, I must admit!
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