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  1. We are currently paying $117 to Dish for their 200 channel package. The biggest reason for getting that package was to have Fox Sports SW to watch our favorite baseball and hockey teams, but Dish and Fox Sports can't seem to get their act together on a contract and Fox Sports SW has not been available for quite some time. With Dish we are also inundated with unwanted channels (shopping, etc.). We have 2 MiFi devices (Verizon & Sprint - both through FMCA) and have started investigating the feasibility of discontinuing Dish and going with something more cost effective and with Fox Sports SW, like Hulu through a Fire stick, but it appears Hulu may not be available for full-time RVers using a mobile hotspot and requires a 'home' network. Does anyone have experience with this? Thanks, Dan
  2. Does placing rope lights on the ground around the rig actually deter rodents or is this just a myth? If it is effective, will ground effects LED lighting mounted to the bottom of the coach achieve the same effect?
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