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  1. gfbrower


    Need to replace my 10 yr. old GPS. Looking for referrals. The Rand McNally RVND7 seems to have all an RVer would need at $250 with life time maps. Open for suggestions. GB
  2. I found that the wire connection to the unit had come separated. I reconnected and then had to reprogram the unit, with the help of Winegard tech. You must reprogram the Unit anytime you manually stow. Thanks for all replies. gfbrower
  3. I will open all cable access plates on the Unit and maybe remove the turret and check all the wire connections plus the revolving contacts to the circuit bands. I will keep everyone posted as I proceed. GB
  4. My 5 + year old Winegard SK 1000 Trav'ler Sat. Antenna failed to fully stow. After several calls to Winegard and their inability to correct the failure, other then replace with a refurbished Roof Unit for about $600 or a New Roof Unit for about $1200. The interface box gives a message [failed communication to Antenna] I manually stowed the Antenna to travel. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this problem?
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