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  1. Allison MP 3060 P transmission Serial number for the Allison is #6510181318 P/N for what is probably for some type of transmission module P/N 29509886 Cummins engine ISB 275 REF # S01-25148-002 Engine # 56520793
  2. Thanks guys, I will get more info and post what I find Thanks
  3. I just bought a 1999 Holiday Rambler Endeavor diesel pusher. I am getting the same beeping as described above. I have also removed the the air brake switch h that is next to the electronic drive control. I did not find an electrical switch attached to the air Intake air switch. I think I'm also getting a code when I press the up and down on the controller. It is reading, L--7. Any help would be very helpful, Thanks Steve
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