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  1. Thanks for all the good info. I am sorry I did not respond sooner, Sunday I left for Northern Nevada and spent this last week in meetings and very long days. I did not ge out a computer or check emails. I am sure I will pay for that when I start checking emails for tomorrow! The CC ran great as it usually does. I put a little over 2k miles on it. And, as is also always the case, the fuel mileage is terrible at somewhere around 4. I have two ford pickup's with the 6.7 liter that uses the def. I have not had a problem with either so far. I do not have anything else that uses def. So, is there anything that can be done, (other than drive slower or pull less ) that can help the mileage in the c13 that is likely a 2006? The way I drive and the loads I pull are not conducive to good fuel mileage, however it also gets bad mileage at 65mph with no trailer. once again I appreciate the info above. I know of a CC with a c15 in it that is for sale. I think it is an 09 but it could be an 08 or 2010. Should a person stay away from that engine? As I consider a possible trade, what engine and what years of the various engines should I focus on and which should I stay away from. Finally, regarding the "dropped valve in 6" code, would the fact that this is a c13 as opposed to an ISX affect the relevancy of that comment?
  2. I did not know Volvo owned Prevost. Does Ford own Volvo?
  3. I appreciate that info. I am not sure if the c13 in the 07 Magna was manufactured before 07 or not I will look. I do not have any other Cat engines from after 2001. What problems does the diesel particulate filter cause? Other than mileage the engine has been trouble free so far. I
  4. Thanks for welcoming me to your forum and for responding to my questions. I hope the following is not too long. I would like to know more about the problems with the isx. I have been told that there are less problems after about 2012. The few folks I know with them seem to like them. Although most Truck owners and equipment operators seem to like the cat better. I have a couple of Cummins M11s but they are in dump trucks and pre 2002. I bought the 07magna Rembrandt 630 two years ago September. It had 19,0000 miles It now has just over 50,000 miles. (at 4miles to the gallon you can do the math) Like I said above I have less maintenance per mile than I had with the Beaver. Further, at 54,000 pounds, with a good length to wheel base ratio and impressive dynamax chassis it is great to drive at free way speeds and it handles our Wyoming winds very well. When it comes to snow and ice I have ben very impressed. I am sure there are others but I am the only one I know who carries tire chains in the RV and I have used them more than once. The additional wheel base ratio (or something) makes it much better on snowy roads and in the wind compared with the Beaver. In summary, I think the CC Magna is one of the best coaches out there and I am not going to trade it for a different brand or model without exhaustive inquiry. But, if I could keep the things I like and obtain better mileage and the extra half bath I would be tempted. I might even consider owning two for a while. That is what I did When I Bought the Magna. After several months I decided it was the 01 Beaver Marque that would have to go even though it got better mileage and had the 2nd half bath. (I guess I just want the best of the two and that may not be out there) I think the c13 ( which is set at 525 HP) is a great engine but it should get better mileage. A friend of mine that has several trucks swears by the cat engine but he says the c13 is thirsty and that having it set at 525 causes it to be wound up relatively tight at any given torque as opposed to the c15. He thinks I would get better mileage with the c15 because the engine would have a higher torque at lower RPM. Of course there are no cornerstones with the C15 I am only aware of a few Affinitys, Magnas and Beaver Marques with the c15. If anyone knows of a well built coach with a c15 I would like to learn about it. I thought the increased emission regs were in 08 is that correct? I think I have about exhausted the legal avenues to address the mileage issue. I have taken it to cat for engine diagnostics, put it on the dyno rack and worked on the exhaust. Any one reading this probably wants to advise slowing down as that would help the mileage. However, I drive it the same as I did the Beaver. I did a lot of research before I bought the CC Magna 630. It usually shows up as one of the safest, most road worthy and well built coaches. I did not look at fuel mileage because I figured it would be similar to the beaver at about 6 mpg and I was mostly focused on road stability and ability to operate in the cold. I looked at Newmar which I think makes a good motor coach. The Essex and King Aire have highway ratings as good as the CC but the Essex I looked at did not have a big engine and I never found a King air at a price I wanted to pay. I have not been in a Bluebird but I will look into them, There does not seem to be many of them on the secondary market. (I am a confirmed 2nd hand coach buyer the day one depreciation on a new one keeps me awake at night) I have a couple of Detroit engines but they are older and in construction equipment so it is difficult to compare I have not been in a Fortravel but I would like to learn more about them. I have been in a few Newells, They are very fancy but for the live of me I can not see why they cost so much more than an Affinity or Magna. I have decided that I need to look at Alegro, particularly the zephyr. However, I met a fellow (Al) from Maryland when I was in Indiana who drove a Cornerstone. we visited for several hours. Al had owned a Tiffin and an American Heritage, he raved about the Cornerstone and said it was a much better coach for the money with less trips back to the factory than either of the other two. However, he has never had a CC Magna or Infinity so he could not compare the two but my conversation with Al made me decide I should look for some one that has owned both a Cornerstone and a CC Magna or Affinity that could compare the two based on experience. For example, I would like to ask how does the newer freightliner chassis compare to the dynamax? And will the Interior of the cornerstone hold up? It appears to be less sturdy then the Magna to me but my impression was based on minutes as opposed months or years According to Consumerrv.org, the Cornerstone is the equal of or slightly better than the CC when it comes to road worthiness. The information from that organization led me to the CC Magna and it has been great other than mileage. Accordingly, I give some credit to their ratings. on the other hand I talked with the owner of an RV repair business in Oregon the other day, he use to work at Country Coach and he is a fan. We only spoke for a moment but when I asked him about the Cornerstone his brief reply was that Entegra has a great customer relations program which he said is a good thing since they have problems.
  5. thank you for the feedback. I cannot disagree with anything you said. The Country Coach is a good machine. I had Beaver Marque. I like the CC better than the Beaver because the maintenance per mile is noticeably less. However the Beaver had the 2nd half bath. I also had a c12 engine that got about 6 mpg in the Beaver The c13 that in the Magna does not get good mileage. I get about 4mpg I realize that non of the big coaches get good mileage but the c13 is really bad. The cornerstone interests me because of the 600 cummins that reportedly gets 6 to 8 at free way speeds. The bigger engine is important because I often need to make 500 to 900 miles in a day, often with a trailer. If the CC had better mileage and the 2nd half bath I would not be thinking about changing. I have been in a few Cornerstones and they do not feel as sturdy as the CC but the power train with 600 hp and 1950 torque seem comparable. I completely agree that many ne coaches sell bling. I call it "shiny cheap" I can keep the CC warm when the temp is zero ( I have added some heat exchangers, electric heaters and insulation in the plumbing bay) and cool when it is 100 degrees. I do not want to give those things up but I would like to add better mileage ( I would take 6) and the half bath for when our grown children and grand kids go with us if it is possible to do so. Therefore, I thought I would see if there was someone on the forum that had traded from a Magna or Affinity to a Cornerstone
  6. I have a 07 Country Coach Magna 630. It is a very good Coach. It is well made, drives great and I can operate it in any weather. I hear a lot of good things about the Cornerstone. I would like to hear from anyone who has gone from a Country Coach to a Cornerstone regarding the pros and cons of that move.
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