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  1. I thought some of you would enjoy seeing something I made for our two Yorkies this past Winter. There's plenty of room inside for the both of them, and I installed a fan in the roof under one of the two covers. I made every piece of this, from the mold to make the cab, down to the tires, lug nuts, and wheels. I spent two hours per day, before work, for a total of 250 hours worth of time. The dogs absolutely love their new home. We call it the Mini-Max.
  2. I have been in contact with Brad already via email. Hopefully we can work out the details soon. If things happen, it's going to take me a very long time to wipe the smile off my face generated by that coach.
  3. Hey Mike, I have the 2008 GrandSport Ultra 45 that belonged to the lineman for sale. I will be listing the coach on our website www.holland-motorhomes.com later today. It has 9100 miles on it. You can call my cell if you want more info, Brad 616-886-7958. Thanks

  4. I tried searching for it and couldn't find it. You just had to mention that didn't you. Now I'm hooked again.
  5. We went to the factory to look at the red/black one they had there, but they just sold it. Then we spotted the one you got and fell in love with it instantly. It had just arrived, so no prep work was done to it yet. Didn't matter, we wanted that in the worst way. hat part of the country are you located in.
  6. We looked at that this past summer. Just too hard to pull the trigger on it at the time. Congratulations! I took a bunch of pictures of that coach thinking that we'd be the new owners. Good luck with it!
  7. We joined it 5 years ago when we got our coach, but was unaware of it going away. I don't think we ever got anything out of it besides a key fob and a few other misc. giveaways.
  8. My wife and I own a 2005 Grand Sport 350GS. Wouldn't trade it for anything, other than that beautiful 450UL on the Dynamax web site. Hoping to make it to a few gatherings this season.
  9. Thank you for answering me, and I'm sorry it took me so long to reply. The problem ended up being the stop light switch. It is located on the third crossmember back. It is grouped together with 6 other relays. Facing the rear of the coach, it is the first relay on the right. It took about 15 minutes to change, and the cost for the switch was $56.00.
  10. I have a 2005 Dynamax Grand Sport and just started having a brake light problem. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. I was trying to locate the brake light switch, and I'm lost. Any help?
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